Papered Together Valentine’s Day Card

Papered Together Bee Mine Valentine's Day Card

Though we may still be recovering from the various recent holidays, we must remember that there’s another on its way — Love Day, er, I mean Valentine’s Day. Papered Together is on top of it and is offering some lovely nostalgic Valentine’s Day designs, such as the “Bee Mine” card above. $3.40 each at Papered Together’s Etsy shop.

image from Papered Together

See Jane Work Organization Stuff

See Jane Work Organization

See Jane Work has everything that an aspiring organization maven could ever want, and it’s all stylish, to boot! Check out their filing and storage & organization sections for all of your file folder, filing system, paper storage, and general organization needs. Heck, you may as well check it all out while you’re there.

Featured above (clockwise from top left): PepperPot File Folders ($6.95 for a set of six), Take Out Menu Organizer ($24.95 each), Letterpress File Folders ($14.50 for a set of six), and PepperPot Personal Organizer ($9.50 each).

images from See Jane Work