A Letterpress Christmas: Elum Designs

Elum Letterpress Holiday Cards

Elum has some wonderful letterpress cards for this holiday season. I’m loving the menagerie of winter hats, the whimsical snow flurry, and the cute holiday dachshund cards. Each design is $12.00 for a set of six.

Elum Letterpress Holiday Photo Holder

Photo frame cards are big this year, and Elum’s entry in the arena is just fantastic. The palette is rich and dark, so unique for a holiday card. $12.00 for a set of six at Elum.

images from Elum

Set Editions Gift Tags at Rare Device

Set Editions Gift Tags at Rare Device

I know that I’ve found myself on more than one occasion searching in vain for gift tags, only to find that I’ve run out. These straightforward gift tags from Set Editions certainly would’ve come in handy. Surprisingly, writing the tos and froms in Sharpie marker on the gift wrap doesn’t do it for many giftees. Pick up a set for holiday gifts, and be sure to buy an extra set for the rest of the year. $10 for a set of 8 at Rare Device.

image from Rare Device

SEI Paper’s Holiday Collections

SEI Paper Doodley Do HolidaySEI Paper Doodley Do Holiday Stickers

I’ve never dabbled in scrapbooking, but I love scrapbooking paper. SEI Paper caught my eye a few years ago when I saw their line in a craft store, and their current holiday collections are certainly in keeping with the company’s fun, modern design aesthetic. Above are paper and stickers from the doodley-doo holiday collection, and below are paper designs from the holiday hoopla collection. All available for purchase from SEI Paper’s website.

SEI Paper Holiday Hoopla

Scrapbooking paper can be used in so many types of paper crafts. These papers could be your inspiration for a holiday gift wrapping theme — use them as gift wrap accents and embellishments, or create enclosure cards and gift tags from them!

images from SEI Paper