Remanents Couture Cards

Remanents Custom Couture Fabric Card
Remanents Bridesmaid Thank You Card

I love the concept behind Remanents’ Custom Couture Fabric Cards (top). What could be more custom than using a piece of fabric from your own wedding or bridesmaid’s dress to help create wedding or shower invites? The Wedding Dress Custom Fabric Cards come with a self-adhesive backing that allows you to easily insert a piece of whatever fabric you’d like to create the skirt of the dress.

Remanents has swanky thank you cards for all of your shoe-obsessed bridesmaids (bottom), too, in addition to wedding invitations, gift enclosures, and place cards. By the way, they also design super cute shoe gift wrap.

images from Remanents

Mr. Boddington’s Studio Wedding Invitations

I’m quite taken with these wedding invitations from Mr. Boddington’s Studio. The use of fabrics like linen and silk in combination with custom graphic elements make for wonderfully decadent designs:

Mr. Boddington's Studio Croquet Wedding Invitation
Love the use of linen and ribbon in this design. I have to admit that this shade of green isn’t typically a color to which I’m attracted, but it really works here. Truly regal invitations.
Mr. Boddington's Studio Minnesota Wedding Invitation
Ooh, fantastic color scheme. I love the lettering and the graphic element on this invitation, as well.

images from Mr. Boddington’s Studio

Martha Stewart Wrapped Flower Projects

Martha Stewart Wrapped Flowers

What goes better with paper than flowers? Featured above are images from an inspirational and informative flower wrapping tutorial at Each wrapping method is suited to the flower which is being wrapped. On the left, the perfect method for wrapping smooth stemmed flowers. On the right, a paper cone protects against a rose’s thorns.

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