Caspian Marbled Gift Wrap | Katie Leamon

Weekly Wrap #176 : Katie Leamon Gift Wrap

I’ve been ooh-ing and aah-ing over the dotty, gold foil envelopes in Katie Leamon’s Luxe stationery line for the past couple of weeks, but did you know that Katie also has a collection of super cool gift wrap? The stylish

Free Printable Fruit Gift Wrap as seen on

Weekly Wrap #172 : Free Printable Fruit Wrap

These four fun and fruity gift wrap and gift tag designs are just the thing for summertime party packages. Follow the links below to download them all for free! Above, clockwise from top left : Brenda Bird Designs (via) //

Ice Cream Wrapping Paper | Leslie A. Wood for Wrap

Weekly Wrap #171 : Foodie Wrap

I am totally digging this tasty trio of wrapping papers by Leslie A. Wood for Wrap. The delectable designs feature patterns that include ice creamy treats (perfect for summertime gifts), greasy good fast food (the calories don’t count when it’s

Printable Father's Day Gift Wrap | Almost Makes Perfect

Weekly Wrap #170 : Modern Dad Wrap

I spotted this awesome (and free) printable Father’s Day gift wrap from Almost Makes Perfect over on Pinterest this week and think that it’s such a stylish, modern choice for dad-centric gifts, whether you’re giving them on Father’s Day, on

6 Dotted gift Wrap Designs as seen on

Weekly Wrap #169 : 6 Dotty Designs

Dots are always in style, and these six dotty gift wrap designs will undoubtedly come in handy for so many different occasions. Smock’s black and gold dots wrap would look just as great on a birthday gift for him as

6 Pretty Pastel Gift Wrap Designs as seen on

Weekly Wrap #168 : 6 Pretty Pastels

These pretty, patterned, pastel gift wraps are just the thing for spring and summer celebrations. The stylish designs, which feature a spectrum of soft color, are a wonderful choice for everything from birthday parties to bridal showers. 1. Up in

Bold, Modern Gift Wrap | Kelly Hyatt for Lagom

Weekly Wrap #166 : Kelly Hyatt for Lagom

Holy rich color, Batman! I’m totally craving these modern, patterned gift wrap designs by Kelly Hyatt for Lagom. From the deep, electric blue and gold Kita to the light mint, gold, and white Asa, this range offers wraps that are

Vintage Numbers Gift Wrap | Rossi

Weekly Wrap #165 : Vintage Numbers

I am all about this Vintage Numbers Gift Wrap from Italian stationer, Rossi, which is just the right blend of old and new. Vintage numbers and type, coupled with a classic yet contemporary (read: very hot right now) color palette,

Vintage Herb Botanical Gift Wrap | Department Chicago

Weekly Wrap #163 : Vintage Style

Chicago-based Department may specialize in providing furniture to mid-century modern fantatics everywhere, but if you wander into their miscellaneous dept., you’ll find a fantastic variety of vintage wrapping paper, too. Why can’t I happen upon awesome paper finds like these

Patterned Neon Wrapping Paper | Haute Papier

Weekly Wrap #162 : Neon Patterns

Classic patterns and neon hues come together in this super cool, modern gift wrap, designed by Dabney Lee and printed by Haute Papier. I really like the idea of pairing the neons with crisp, white ribbon, as shown in the

Sequins Print Gift Wrap | Kate Zaremba

Weekly Wrap #161 : Kate Zaremba Gift Wrap

I’m always on the lookout for gift wrap that’s a good fit for any occasion, and these fantastic, patterned gift wrap designs from Kate Zaremba immediately caught my eye. The organic, modern illustrations that populate the designs will be right

DIY Animal Gift Wrap | Mr. Printables

Weekly Wrap #160 : DIY Animal Gift Wrap

Omigosh, is this diy animal gift wrap adorable, or what?! The clever packaging is not only sweet, but it’s simple to do, too. All you need is white wrapping paper, scissors, tape, and a black marker, and you’re good to

Chalkboard Holiday Wrapping Paper | Lily & Val

Weekly Wrap #159 : Holiday Chalkboard Wrap

If you’re a fan of all things chalkboard, then these new holiday wrapping papers by Lily & Val will most definitely grab your attention. The fun trio of papers features illustrated patterns that were originally drawn on a chalkboard surface

Holiday Labels | Ruff House Art

Weekly Wrap #157 : Ruff House Holiday Wrap

These new holiday labels and gift wrap designs from Ruff House Art are so much fun! I always get excited when I see gift wrap goodies from awesome, independent stationers because they tend to think outside the box and get

Fun, Illustrated Wrapping Paper | Mr. Boddington's Studio

Weekly Wrap #157 : Mr. Boddington’s Wrapping Paper

Oh, my goodness, do these wrapping papers from Mr. Boddington’s Studio ever make me happy. The super fun designs feature hand drawn patterns with everything from firecrackers to ducks, ice cream cones, and trees. I’ll take two of each, please,

Birthday Smile Gift Tag | Binny

Weekly Wrap #156 : Binny Gift Tags

I’m completely taken with these absolutely adorable gift tags from Sydney, Australia-based illustrator, Binny Talib. Binny’s creations are so fun and fresh that I can’t help but smile when I look at them, and the illustrated tags would add a

Vintage Gift Wrap | If Found Please Return

Weekly Wrap #155 : If Found Please Return

Every time that I’m in an antique shop, co-op, or thrift store, I make a beeline for the holiday area(s). Vintage holiday goodies always give me a case of the warm and fuzzies, and I’m endlessly inspired by the colors,

New York Gift Wrap | Pleased to Meet

Weekly Wrap #154 : Pleased to Meet Gift Wrap

A little while back, I featured Pleased to Meet’s fantastic holiday gift wrap goodies, and I recently popped over to their shop to see what was new and founds oodles of awesome occasional gift wrap designs. Woohoo for super cool