DIY Woven Paper Gift Topper

Weekly Wrap #75 : DIY Woven Paper Gift Toppers

Kate from Mini Eco always shares such great craft tutorials, and she often incorporates rainbow colors in her projects, which I totally love. I was so excited to hear from her earlier in the week with news of some of

Dooby Design Wrapping Paper

Weekly Wrap #74 : Life is a Gift (Wrap)

I spotted this little bit of gorgeousness (pun intended) in the premiere issue of Little Bit Magazine, a new online publication that’s filled with fantastic party and entertaining ideas. The beautifully decorated table above is filled with bunches of gifts

Flat Iron Ribbon Smoother

Weekly Wrap #73 : Wrinkle-Free Ribbon

I had a total “a-ha” moment when I spotted this idea from Real Simple and just had to share it here. If you’re like me and don’t like throwing ribbon away (years of pretty ribbons from holiday and birthday gifts

Minimega Recycled Gift Wrap

Weekly Wrap #72 : Minimega

Ooh, I’m completely taken with these cute and colorful wrapping paper designs from the Danish shop, Minimega. Each sheet is 17″ x 25″ and is printed on 100% recycled paper with eco-friendly vegetable inks. Dress up any gift with all

Wrapping Paper by Mae

Weekly Wrap #71 : Wrapping Paper by Mae

Whew! This week has been quite a whirlwind around here, and I’m so grateful to everyone who has left comments and sent emails to let me know what you think of the Wedding Invitation Ideas lookbook. Thank you all so

Parchment Paper Flowers

Weekly Wrap #70 : Parchment Paper Posies

My paper flower obsession continues to grow with every awesome idea that I find (there are SO many great ones out there!), and this clean, modern parchment paper flower packaging from Carolyn’s Homework makes me want to grab my oven

Crepe Paper Flower Tutorial

Weekly Wrap #69 : Pretty Paper Flower Toppers

I love this crepe paper flower idea from Jessica at How About Orange. These pretty little blooms would make terrific gift toppers and embellishments, and they’d be a lovely finishing touch for favor boxes and bags. Jessica shows us how

Layered Masking Tape Embellishments

Weekly Wrap #68 : Masking Tape Magic

Ooh, a Japanese masking tape craft! Ez from Creature Comforts shares a genius technique for creating custom, layered gift wrap borders using the colorful tape + unbleached oven parchment. This looks like a lot of fun, and I love the

Navy Blue Gift Wrap

Weekly Wrap #67 : Navy Blue Love

My heart went pitter pat the moment that I spotted these lovely patterned wrapping paper sheets and boxes at Smock. Oh, I do love navy blue and pattern, too! These bold blue packaging options are part of Smock’s Oxford suite,

Crepe Paper Carrots Martha Stewart

Weekly Wrap #66 : Crepe Paper Carrots

This is the second week in a row that I’m featuring a wrapping idea from Martha Stewart. What can I say? The MSL peeps have a lot of great gift wrap ideas! But I couldn’t resist posting about these adorably

Recycled Chip Bag Gift Wrap

Weekly Wrap #65 : Chip Bag Wrap

Transform your empty potato chip bags into snazzy silver and white gift wrap! Simply cut the bag along its seam, turn it inside out to reveal the silver or white lining, give it a little wash and dry, and wrap

Rainbow Yarn Gift Embellishments

Weekly Wrap #64 : Fuzzy Rainbows

I love rainbows! So, obviously, I was taken with this idea as soon as I spotted it over at Oh Happy Day and wanted to immediately start wrapping every little thing in my office with fuzzy, rainbow colored yarn. While

Ask Alice Gift Tags

Weekly Wrap #63 : Ask Alice Gift Tags

These awesome gift tags by Ask Alice are like baseball cards – I want to collect them all! The collection includes eight different designs, perfect for putting the finishing touches on gifts for grandparents with a great sense of humor,

House Industries Photo-Lettering Gift Wrap

Weekly Wrap #61 : Photo-lettering Gift Wrap

If you love gift wrap, and you’re a fontophile, too, then you’re in for a treat, courtesy of the always awesome House Industries. House chose nine soft hued papers from French Paper and paired them with one of their signature

Fruit Wrapping Paper

Weekly Wrap #60 : Fruitylicious

How about this for a cool gift wrap concept? Happy F&B, a branding and design agency, creates a collection of custom wrapping paper for their clients and friends each year at Christmas, and this past season’s wrap was this fantastic,

Hearts Printable Gift Wrap

Weekly Wrap #59 : Sweet Hearts Printable Wrap

Looking for sweet gift packaging for your Valentine’s Day sweetheart? If so, then Kellie Medivitz has you covered with this fun and colorful heart patterned printable gift wrap sheet and coordinating tags. These printables would be so sweet for wrapping

Grocery Bag Gift Wrap

Weekly Wrap #58 : Grocery Bag Gorgeous

Leslie from A Creative Mint uses kraft paper grocery bags (Trader Joe’s bags, to be specific) with a palette of lemon yellow, gray, and white to create gorgeously wrap gifts in her Color Me Pretty feature at Decor8 this week,

Free Printable Doily Kraft Papers

Weekly Wrap #57 : Kraft + Doilies = Purty

Simple materials often make the prettiest packaging, which is undoubtedly why doilies and kraft paper have been so popular recently in the world of crafts and weddings. Susanna from the wonderfully inspiring blog, Daily Suze, cleverly combined these two powerhouse

Martha Stewart Tub Tea Craft

Weekly Wrap #56 : Simple Modern Boxes

I spotted this idea in Martha Stewart’s endlessly inspiring archive of craft projects, and though the actual project on the site is for the tub teas (mmm … I bet that they smell good), I gravitated toward the packaging. It’s

How to Tie a Gift Bow

Weekly Wrap #55 : How to Tie the Perfect Gift Bow

Tying the perfect gift bow can seem like an impossibility (to me, at least), but this tutorial from Becca at Flights of Fancy helps simplify the process, giving you clear step-by-step photos so you can create beautiful gift bows, too.

Hello Sandwich Gift Wrap Zine

Weekly Wrap #54 : Hello Sandwich Gift Wrap Zine

An entire zine dedicated to gift wrapping?! This makes my gift wrap loving heart swell with delight. Ebony Bizys, the talented creator of the awesome new Hello Sandwich Gift Wrap Zine (available now in PDF form and soon as a

Anders Schonneman Photography

Weekly Wrap #52 : Anders Schønnemann Inspiration

I spotted the work of Danish photographer, Anders Schønnemann, over at Decor8 recently, and I am so incredibly inspired by this series of photos featuring wrapped gifts in an utterly amazing palette. The ribbons, papers, and embellishments used are simple,

Eraser Stamp Ribbon Gifts

Weekly Wrap #51 : Custom Stamped Ribbon

Ez from Creature Comforts share a fantastic tutorial for carving your own eraser stamps to create custom stamped ribbon that you can use to wrap your holiday gifts, or any gifts, actually! The possibilities here are endless, and this idea

Sweet Paul Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas

Weekly Wrap #50 : Sweet Paul Holiday

Hello, holiday issue of Sweet Paul! The newest issue of the online magazine is filled with wonderful eye candy, yummy recipes, and plenty of crafts that you can make for the holidays, and I was completely inspired by the fun

Martha Stewart Punched Snowflake Gift Wrap Idea

Weekly Wrap #49 : Icy Blue Wonderland

Ah, isn’t this idea dreamy? Paper punches are extremely versatile, which is probably why I’m so obsessed with them, and I love how punched paper snowflakes and Stars of David are incorporated into this buffet of wintry gift wrap ideas