Weekly Wrap #60 : Fruitylicious

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Fruit Wrapping Paper

Fruit Gift Wrap

How about this for a cool gift wrap concept? Happy F&B, a branding and design agency, creates a collection of custom wrapping paper for their clients and friends each year at Christmas, and this past season’s wrap was this fantastic, double-sided fruit gift wrap. Wait, it gets better. The three wrapping paper designs – banana, orange, and watermelon – came with fruit-label inspired stickers … and the papers were printed with scented ink. Scented ink! The scratch and sniff sticker obsessed girl in me loves that. – via The Dieline

images from Happy F&B

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3 comments on “Weekly Wrap #60 : Fruitylicious

  1. Alice commented //

    I love that idea!! Mmm..I totally remember scratch and sniff stickers!! I wonder how you can find scented inks..Too bad they don’t make that for inkjets!

  2. LisaK commented //

    I think it’s time this company starts selling this adorable paper to the public! I’m so jealous of those who received it as a gift.

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