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Vintage Gift Wrap | If Found Please Return

Every time that I’m in an antique shop, co-op, or thrift store, I make a beeline for the holiday area(s). Vintage holiday goodies always give me a case of the warm and fuzzies, and I’m endlessly inspired by the colors, textures, illustrations, and hand lettered sentiments found on vintage Christmas cards, holiday ornaments, gift tags, and wrapping paper.

Given my love of all things vintage holiday, it will come as no surprise that I was instantly smitten with pretty much everything in If Found Please Return, the new shop from one of my all-time letterpress faves, a. favorite. Amber’s passion for vintage ephemera has long inspired her awesome letterpress line, and she is sharing some of the vintage treasures that she’s collected over the years in her wonderful new shop.

Vintage ephemera addicts and mid-century collectors alike will dig the fun and vibrant everyday and holiday wrapping papers, stamps, seals, and cards available from If Found Please Return, and you’ll find nostalgia-inducing felt stockings, Christmas lights, and decorations in the shop, too. It’s a vintage holiday lover’s dream!

Vintage Holiday Gift Wrap | If Found Please Return

A peek at the holiday ephemera in the shop:

Vintage Holiday Ephemera | If Found Please Return

images from If Found Please Return

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3 comments on “Weekly Wrap #155 : If Found Please Return

  1. Casey commented //

    I LOVE the “It’s Christmas” wrap! Knowing me, though, I’d never have the heart to actually use it. 🙂

  2. Michelle commented //

    FaNtAsTiC!!! I remember those little gift tags 🙂

  3. Judy H. commented //

    L LOVE the gift wrap! I’m crazy about anything “vintage Christmas”. I don’t know if it is my own childhood memories or if it causes me to think about what the holidays were like in simpler, less hectic, less media driven times. It’s very comforting. Your sheet of ephemera is the best! I have a collection (grab bag) of all kind of tiny, fuzzy deer that all have a Christmas theme in some way. Some of the “fuzzy” is rubbed off in places, but to me, that makes them all the more precious. Thanks for sharing your wonderful products!

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