Will Gocco Be Saved?

Save Gocco

As many of you know, the future of Gocco (the awesome Japanese screenprinting system) has been in doubt since 2005. However, I surfed onto the Save Gocco site the other day and saw a message from mid-January which stated that they’ve “received uncofirmed news that a U.S. retail chain will be restocking gocco products on a regular basis by early summer.” This may be old news to some of you, but when I read the message I was completely jazzed!

I don’t know how many times that I’ve just wanted to kick myself for not picking up my own Gocco when they were still being manufactured, and I’d snap one up in a jiffy if they were being carried in a retail store again. Of course, I’ll probably end up trying my luck on eBay even if this news turns out not to be true.

C’mon Gocco!

Designer Papers from Cristina Re

Cristina Re Designer Paper

It’s been quite gloomy and cold around here lately, so I’ve been in dire need of some pick-me-ups that will remind me that spring is just around the corner. I’m really enjoying these spring-ish papers from Australian designer Cristina Re. Love the bright reds, pinks, and greens! Unfortunately, Cristina doesn’t seem to sell any products directly on her site, but a Google search produces many results for shops carrying her line in Australia and New Zealand.

image from Cristina Re