Paper Quilt Wall Art

Apartment Therapy Paper Quilt

I caught this Reader’s Art post over at the Apartment Therapy blog the other day and thought it was such an inspirational idea. As the creator of the paper quilt wall art pointed out, the ultra popular wall decals aren’t within everyone’s budget, and creating your own paper wall art is a much more budget-friendly way to spruce up a non-permanent space.

They created a snazzy paper quilt, but the possibilities for a project like this are endless. Since you’re the one making the art, you can customize colors to match your color scheme and designs to fit your interests. Maybe a wall of pretty botanicals or a more intricate patterned design?

image from Apartment Therapy

Buzzing on Nyquil

Please excuse the lack of posting.  I came down with the flu last week and have been either sleeping or buzzing on Nyquil since last Tuesday. I hope to get back to more regular posting soon!

New Invitation Designs from Kenzie Kate

I’m completely taken with all of the beautiful new invitation designs from Kenzie Kate. If only I had an invitation required event to plan!

Kenzie Kate Aberdeen Invitation
Aberdeen: love the color scheme and whimsical botanicals

Kenzie Kate Havana
Havana: fantastic color scheme — love the magnolia pattern and the use of kraft envelopes

Kenzie Kate Seville
Seville: again with the wonderful color scheme, and I love the intricate pattern

Kenzie Kate Aspen
Aspen: love, love, love the concept on this one, and the woodland invitation cover is so unique to a wedding invitation. This design truly takes the woodland trend to the next level.

images from Kenzie Kate

Valentine’s Day Fiesta, Part 2

I can’t get enough of the Valentine’s Day cards! Here are some more lovelies for your enjoyment:

DeMarco Designs Valentine Card
Sweet & Simple Valentine from DeMarco Designs. Love the sparkly pink envelope…and the adorable card design, of course.

Elum Letterpress Valentine Card
Shades of pretty pink hearts fill Elum’s letterpress Valentine card.

Bellis Studios Valentine Card
Pink and brown letterpress Valentine from Bellis Studios. Love the heart pattern!

Two Piglets Little Monkey Card
This may or may not be a card intended for Valentine’s Day, but I don’t care because I can’t get enough of that monkey! Two Piglets “My Little Monkey” letterpress card at Broadway Paper.

Pink Loves Brown You're Sweet Card
The “You’re Sweet” card from Pink Loves Brown is perfect for Valentine’s Day, and the sentiment is a perfect pick me up for any time of year.

Smudge Ink Valentine's Day Card at Luxe Paperie

Smudge Ink Valentine's Day Card at Luxe Paperie
Pretty die cut Valentine’s cards (top: Be Mine and bottom: Hearts and Flowers) from Smudge Ink at Luxe Paperie

Red Cap For You Card
For You” by Red Cap Cards

Sesame Letterpress Love Coasters at Buy Olympia
Sesame Letterpress Love Coasters at Buy Olympia

Blue Ribbon Letterpress Valentine Card
Blue Ribbon Design’s “Valentines Hearts” lovely patterned letterpress card

Meomi Nutty Love Card at Copacetique
Super cuteness from Meomi at Copacetique — gotta love nutty love!

Egg Press Valentine's Day Letterpress Cards
An irresistible collection of Valentine’s Day designs from Egg Press

Valentine’s Day Fiesta, Part 1

Valentine’s Day is about a month away, and to celebrate the holiday and help you find the perfect Valentine for the one you love, I’ve put together a list of some of my favorites. I found so many great Valentine’s Day cards that this will be at least a two-parter!

Hello! Lucky Valentines Day CardsHello! Lucky Valentines Day Cards
Retro letterpress Valentine’s Day cards from Hello! Lucky (top: Assorted Love Notes and bottom: Beaver Love)
Cricket Press Valentine Cards
Bold (love the red!) linocut letterpress designs from Cricket Press
Sugar Lily Octo Love Card
Super cute Octo-Love card from Sugar Lily
Turtle Papers Sweet Notes
Tin of Sweet Notes from Turtle Papers – yay magenta!
Luemie Design All in One Valentine
Love the illustration style and the color scheme on this all in one handmade Valentine by Luemie Design
Dear Monday I Love You CardDear Monday Tic Tac Love Card
Hand embellished “Love Cascade” and “Tic Tac Love” cards by Dear Monday
Deluce Design Valentine's Day Cards
Deluce Design “I Only Have Eyes for You” and “Lots of Love” letterpress Love Cards
oplusd Valentine Card
A swanky expression of love from oplusd, baby