P22 Ephemera Pack

P22 Ephemera Pack

I’m so stoked to see that P22, one of my favorite type foundries, is offering an ephemera pack! Each pack contains over 40 different P22 items, from stickers to packaging (printed letterpress, offset, silkscreen, and more), for only $10! They also offer a Bigger Pack (80 items) and a Mega Pack (120 items) for $20 and $30, respectively. If you have a habit of saving catalogs, greeting/post/business cards, and other inspirational print collateral that you receive in the mail, then the P22 ephemera pack would be the perfect addition to your collection.

image from P22

D.L. & Co. Stationery

I was already familiar with D.L & Co.’s insanely decadent scented candles — the scents, the packaging, the design, oh my — but they design stationery, as well. In keeping with their m.o., their stationery is also insanely decadent…and slightly macabre. Absolutely fabulous, and a visit to the D.L. & Co. website is a must!

D.L. & Co. Calligraphy Dove Note Cards in a Black Resin Box
Flourished Calligraphy Dove Note Cards w/ Black Resin Correspondance Box
D.L. & Co. L-O-V-E Birds Stationery
L-O-V-E Birds Stationery (perfect for Valentine’s Day, no?)
D.L. & Co. Little Skull Stationery
Little Skull Stationery

D.L. & Co. stationery can be purchased at Figments and Unica Home.

images from D.L & Co.

Notepolish Paperie

Notepolish Paperie

I recently discovered a fab new (to me, at least) online paper shop called Notepolish Paperie. They carry many wonderful paper items by a variety of independent stationers, including names such as Loosepetals, Ruby Ink, Sugar Bean, Swizzle Factory, and Joy! by Mel Lim, whose Sweet Bloom Card Set is pictured above.

Notepolish Paperie Custom

Notepolish also offers custom designs in a variety of styles for weddings and other special events.

Psst…it looks like they’re having a huge post-holiday sale, too!

images from Notepolish