Vosges Exotic Truffle Wedding Favors

Vosges Truffle Wedding Favors

Alright, so this post isn’t strictly about paper, but I just had to talk about Vosges’ Exotic Truffle wedding favors boxes because, well, their chocolates are fantastic. In my defense, the packaging on these favors is quite pretty and would be welcome at any wedding reception.

The favors come in five delectable flavor combination choices:

black pearl (ginger + wasabi + sesame seeds + dark chocolate) and naga (curry + coconut + milk chocolate)


wink of the rabbit (soft caramel + Georgia pecan + milk chocolate) and ambrosia (white chocolate + Cointreau + macadamia nut)


budapest (sweet Hungarian paprika + dark chocolate) and gianduia (crunchy praline + milk chocolate)


red fire (cinnamon + ancho chili powder + dark chocolate) and xocatyl (Mexican vanilla + milk chocolate)


chef pascal (Kirsch + dried Michigan cherry + dark chocolate) and woolloomooloo (coconut + macadamia nut + milk chocolate)

Each favor is simply yet elegantly packaged with two truffles, corresponding truffle stores, and is tied with a pretty purple ribbon. What an indulgent treat for your guests! Boxes can be customized with your names and your wedding date or a custom logo.

image from Vosges Haute Chocolate

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