Custom Embossers

Horchow Custom Embosser

When I was a youngster, my mom was a licensed notary, and I was completely fascinated by her notary embosser. I wanted to emboss everything but, as my mom so astutely pointed out, that would’ve been completely illegal.

While I still have my love of embossing and embossers, I now know that I can get a completely legal, non-notary related embosser customized to my needs. Horchow has some good-looking custom embosser options — you can go with a “Library of…” model, a single initial, or a three liner. $29.00 each at Horchow.

image from Horchow

Bunnylumps Notecards

Bunnylumps at Pixelgirlshop

I’m a big fan of Plainmabel, a site full of wonderful wares from indie artists and crafters, so I was happy to see that another keen indie-friendly site, Pixelgirlshop, is carrying one of my favorite birthday card designs, created by Tara of Plainmabel. I tend to enjoy designs with a slight dark edge and sense of humor, so I love the suggestion made by the butcher’s knife on the table. Plus, how cute is Bunnylumps?!

image from Pixelgirlshop

Paper Quilt Wall Art

Apartment Therapy Paper Quilt

I caught this Reader’s Art post over at the Apartment Therapy blog the other day and thought it was such an inspirational idea. As the creator of the paper quilt wall art pointed out, the ultra popular wall decals aren’t within everyone’s budget, and creating your own paper wall art is a much more budget-friendly way to spruce up a non-permanent space.

They created a snazzy paper quilt, but the possibilities for a project like this are endless. Since you’re the one making the art, you can customize colors to match your color scheme and designs to fit your interests. Maybe a wall of pretty botanicals or a more intricate patterned design?

image from Apartment Therapy

Buzzing on Nyquil

Please excuse the lack of posting.  I came down with the flu last week and have been either sleeping or buzzing on Nyquil since last Tuesday. I hope to get back to more regular posting soon!

New Invitation Designs from Kenzie Kate

I’m completely taken with all of the beautiful new invitation designs from Kenzie Kate. If only I had an invitation required event to plan!

Kenzie Kate Aberdeen Invitation
Aberdeen: love the color scheme and whimsical botanicals

Kenzie Kate Havana
Havana: fantastic color scheme — love the magnolia pattern and the use of kraft envelopes

Kenzie Kate Seville
Seville: again with the wonderful color scheme, and I love the intricate pattern

Kenzie Kate Aspen
Aspen: love, love, love the concept on this one, and the woodland invitation cover is so unique to a wedding invitation. This design truly takes the woodland trend to the next level.

images from Kenzie Kate