Charlyn Koo Glitzy & Golden and Autumn After Rain Stationery

Charlyn Koo Glitzy and Golden Stationery
Charlyn Koo Autumn After Rain Stationery

I’m digging Charlyn Koo’s new stationery lines. The elegant metallics and nature inspired illustrations of the Glitzy & Golden (pictured top) collection are so pretty that they’d make wonderful framed wall art, and I love the whimsical illustrations and energetic color gradients in the Autumn After Rain (pictured bottom) collection which, come to think of it, would also make beautiful framed wall art. I’d feel quite special if I received a greeting or correspondence on this stationery.

Selections from the Charlyn Koo stationery line are available in a number of shops and online at The Succulent Wife.

images from Charlyn Koo

Wedding Paper Month Comes to an End

Focus on Wedding Paper, 2007 Edition

I hope that everyone enjoyed a March filled with wedding paper features at Paper Crave. The number of individuals and businesses creating absolutely beautiful and unique wedding items is amazing, and I can’t believe that March is already over because, though I spent an entire month featuring wedding items, I feel like I’ve just scratched the surface. Let’s just say that I’ll definitely be featuring plenty of wedding items in the future.

I hope that you were as inspired as I was!

Wedding Favor Goodies from American Bridal

American Bridal Personalized Wedding Ribbon

I never get tired of the personalized wedding goodies! Above, double faced satin ribbon with your names and wedding date. Available in various shades of pastel shades and in either 12 inch or 14 inch increments. Also available in a continuous 100 yard roll.

American Bridal Bride & Groom Favor Boxes

Love these whimsical bride and groom favor boxes / place card holders by Kate Aspen. The amount of detail on both boxes is fantastic.

American Bridal Pedestal Box Kit

I really enjoy the interesting shape of this pedestal box. American Bridal offers several different favor box kits — the pedestal box kit comes in a set of 20 and includes boxes in your choice of color, ribbon, and personalized monogrammed labels.

American Bridal Mini Attire Bags

These gift bags are just adorable with their tiny bridal attire. Wouldn’t they be perfect for a bridal shower?

images from American Bridal

Vosges Exotic Truffle Wedding Favors

Vosges Truffle Wedding Favors

Alright, so this post isn’t strictly about paper, but I just had to talk about Vosges’ Exotic Truffle wedding favors boxes because, well, their chocolates are fantastic. In my defense, the packaging on these favors is quite pretty and would be welcome at any wedding reception.

The favors come in five delectable flavor combination choices:

black pearl (ginger + wasabi + sesame seeds + dark chocolate) and naga (curry + coconut + milk chocolate)


wink of the rabbit (soft caramel + Georgia pecan + milk chocolate) and ambrosia (white chocolate + Cointreau + macadamia nut)


budapest (sweet Hungarian paprika + dark chocolate) and gianduia (crunchy praline + milk chocolate)


red fire (cinnamon + ancho chili powder + dark chocolate) and xocatyl (Mexican vanilla + milk chocolate)


chef pascal (Kirsch + dried Michigan cherry + dark chocolate) and woolloomooloo (coconut + macadamia nut + milk chocolate)

Each favor is simply yet elegantly packaged with two truffles, corresponding truffle stores, and is tied with a pretty purple ribbon. What an indulgent treat for your guests! Boxes can be customized with your names and your wedding date or a custom logo.

image from Vosges Haute Chocolate

Telliegrams Favor Boxes and Out of the Box Invitations

Telliegrams Favor Boxes and Out of the Box Event Invitations

I just can’t get enough of these cute little favor boxes! Telliegrams offers a variety of wedding and event favor boxes — pyramids, classic squares, and takeout — in a selection of sophisticated colors and patterns to match any scheme. Solid colored boxes are $.90 each, while patterns are $1.05 each.

My favorite items at Telliegrams are their exclusive Out of the Box Event Invitations, which are both invitations and boxes in one. You can fill the box/invite with candy or an item that it related to the theme of your event, and it becomes a surprise treat for the recipient. Customized solid colored invitations start at $2.75 each, and patterned invitations start at $2.90 each.

Thanks to Laura for the link!

images from Telliegrams