I Love Jezebel…Yes, I Do

I Love Jezebel Greeting Cards

I’ve admired I Love Jezebel’s card creations for quite a while and cannot believe that I haven’t mentioned them here yet. Shamefully, I’ve deprived you of this paper craving…until today!

I Love Jezebel pairs fanciful epigraphs with silhouetted images that are part fantasy and part scherenschnitte, with a touch of aristocracy thrown in for good measure. When I look at their cards, I feel like I’ve stumbled into a foppish fairytale, and I want to stick around for a while.

Featured above (clockwise, from top left): grenouille, vanquished!; henry and gertrude, criminal lovers; honouring valentine; and lulu begone: bookworm, gin drinker. Single cards are $3.50.

images from I Love Jezebel

Snookus Clever Organization

Snookus Think Positive Notepad

I’m constantly looking for ways to organize my life, and it’s always nice to find a company that creates organizational products with style and humor. Snookus does just that, with their cute and clever notepads, each of which has a fitting quote at the bottom.

My personal favorites include the “think positive” notepad (pictured above), which is inspirational as well as organizational, and the “can’t decide” notepad, which is perfect for those situations where you need to weigh the good against the bad. If you have a babysitter, you’ll also want to check out the awesome “sitter’s cheat sheet” featuring a quote from Mary Poppins!

image from Snookus

Purplepinkandorange.com Is Closing

Sadly, Purplepinkandorange.com, a groovy shop full of all things indie, is closing its doors at the end of May. However, there is a silver lining for all of you who enjoy indie goodies, and who doesn’t? From now until the end of the month, you can save up to 40% on everything on the site!

Not only can you scoop up super cute cards from MAUstudio and Dear Monday for a great price, but you can also find accessories, art prints, bath products, home decor, and many other indie goods.

images from Purplepinkandorange.com

Anne Taintor Vintage Snark Stickers

Anne Taintor Vintage Stickers

I’m getting a kick out of these snarcastic stickers from Anne Taintor. Anne combines vintage images with her own interpretation of the what these people might really be thinking to come up with such gems as, “someone was going to have to set a bad example,” and, “I feel a sin coming on.” You could have a lot of fun with bill collectors if you stuck these babies on your envelopes. Of course, you could also have your electricity cut off.

I also love that Anne has a “Meet the Models” section, where she provides biographies for some of the actual models from the vintage images and tells us where they are now. How neat is that?

The sticker sheets are available in three sets: Domestic Bliss, Cookin’ with Gas, and Bad Girl (pictured above). Each set is $4.25.

image from Anne Taintor