Roger La Borde Reversible Gift Wrap

Roger La Borde Reversible Gift Wrap

I’m all about having choices when it’s time to wrap a gift — give me a rainbow colored mountain of ribbon, stacks of different gift wrap, and a variety of gift tags and I’m in my glory.

This reversible gift wrap from Roger La Borde caught my eye immediately with its stylized floral patterns and bold color schemes. Need to make a big statement? Use the yellow florals against a hot pink background. Need something more subdued for a bridal shower gift? Flip it over and go with the chartreuse florals on yellow. Ah, reversible gift wrap is a magical thing! $3.00 per sheet at Kate’s Paperie.

images from Kate’s Paperie

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3 comments on “Roger La Borde Reversible Gift Wrap

  1. Donovan commented //

    I love this paper. The two best ones aren’t pictured though- there’s one of cockatoos and one of Chinese dragons. I’ve used the dragon one to make a really nice set of handmade envelopes, tags, folders and mini-journals. The reversible nature means that everything coordinates and yet is still unique.

  2. kristen commented //

    I wish I could find the cockatoo and Chinese dragon patterns somewhere online, Donovan, because they sound awesome. You’re right on about using the gift wrap to make coordinating paper goods. How creative!

  3. Lisa commented //

    Oh, you and I would be dangerous together. Seriously. I adore, cherish and LOVE paper!

    I discovered this site while searching for additional Christmas wrap—as if I don’t own enough paper to last several lifetimes—and enjoyed reading your blog! Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your tips!

    Time to crank up the Christmas music and resume wrapping gifts! Thank you for your inspiration. 🙂

    Merry Christmas,

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