Baby Flash Cards by Wee Gallery

Wee Gallery Baby Flash Cards

These Baby Flash Cards by Wee Gallery are absolutely adorable. I love the fun, playful illustration style set in black and white. Even if you don’t have a little one around, you could frame the wee works of art to create your own wonderful wall art. You could also turn the flash cards into a cool urban mobile with a nifty stainless steel mobile kit. Ingenious!

Wee Gallery’s Baby Flash Cards are available in three sets: original, sea, and farm (pictured above). $14.95 per set at Sparkability.

ETA: Ooh, it looks like Wee Gallery actually has two additional new sets of flash cards, garden and jungle, available from their site. I must collect them all.

image from Sparkability

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2 comments on “Baby Flash Cards by Wee Gallery

  1. Heidi commented //

    Hi there!

    The flash cards you are featuring are by Wee Gallery

    I’m not sure why you have it listed as Boon.

    I only know this because we exhiibited next to them one year at the New York Gift Fair and I snapped up several packges to give as gifts. They’re awesome….and it’s crazy…babies really do react to them.

  2. kristen commented //

    Oops, how embarrassing! I must’ve had a brain fart while making the entry and mistakenly put Boon down, even though they’re clearly by Wee Gallery.

    Thanks for letting me know!

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