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Horchow Custom Embosser

When I was a youngster, my mom was a licensed notary, and I was completely fascinated by her notary embosser. I wanted to emboss everything but, as my mom so astutely pointed out, that would’ve been completely illegal.

While I still have my love of embossing and embossers, I now know that I can get a completely legal, non-notary related embosser customized to my needs. Horchow has some good-looking custom embosser options — you can go with a “Library of…” model, a single initial, or a three liner. $29.00 each at Horchow.

image from Horchow

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2 comments on “Custom Embossers

  1. mk commented //

    I love embossers too! they are like the grown up -sophisticated version of stickers, I got a custom one last year and have to resist the urge to emboss every scrap of paper… I love the look of your blog by the way, super cute!

  2. kristen commented //

    Hee, I’m glad that I’m not the only one who can’t resist the urge to emboss everything in sight when there’s an embosser around. I’m so happy to hear that you like the blog, and thanks for your comments!

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