Heat Embossing 101 on Craftsy

Heat Embossing 101 | Paper Crave for @Craftsy

If you’ve never tried heat embossing, let me tell you, it’s a pretty cool, not to mention versatile, technique. I’m covering the heat embossing basics over at Craftsy this week, and I think that you might be surprised by how little you really need to get started. Check it out, won’t you, and let me know if you decide to give it a try!

And if you’re looking for a quick and easy project to get you started, be sure to head on over and have a look at my recent holiday gift tag tutorial to see an example of one way that you can incorporate heat embossing into your paper craft projects.

photo by Kristen Magee

Quick Picks : 11.13.14

Sugar Paper for Target

Sugar Paper + Target = a pretty great pair, no?

This Week’s Picks

♥ Lovin’ these Chinese Zodiac letterpress art prints from Tag Team Tompkins. A great gift idea!

Packaging & Dielines, the FREE e-book from Design Packaging Inc. + The Dieline, is awe-some. So many packaging ideas goin’ on in the ol’ noggin right now!

♥ These Frozen-themed birthday party invites are so pretty.

♥ This custom return address stamp for Christmas cards is so much fun!

Peace on Earth, Lindsay Letters style.

image from Sugar Paper

Make Stenciled Glitter Snowflake Decorations

DIY Stenciled Glitter Snowflake Decorations | Paper Crave

As soon as I saw My Favorite Things’ Delicate Doily stencil, I thought, “gotta make that into a snowflake.” With this idea in mind, I designed a simple scalloped background for the stencil and got to work.

Now, I love me some glitter, but I do not love the mess that it can make. Cue the embossing paste! Embedding gobs of glitter in translucent embossing paste gives you all of the sparkle without any of the glittery mess. Gotta love that. Once the paste is dry, all you see is glitter and, with the exception of a stray sparkle here and there, it is not coming off of the paper. Like, at all.

The result? Simple, modern snowflake decorations that you can hang in windows, on walls, or pretty much anywhere that you’d like to add a little sparkle. Did I mention that it’s easy to make bunches and bunches of these, too? Yep, you can get it going assembly line-style, one glitter color at a time, and you’ll have a stack of these babies in not much time at all.

Stencil Glitter Snowflake Supplies

Here’s what you’ll need:

DIY Stenciled Glitter Snowflake Decorations Instructions

DIY Stenciled Glitter Snowflake Decorations, Step 1

Step 1 : Cut the scalloped circle shape into white cardstock with a digital die cutting machine. Line up the stencil over the die cut shape and tape the stencil onto a smooth surface over the shape with low tack tape (I used painter’s tape).

DIY Stenciled Glitter Snowflake Decorations, Step 2

Step 2 : On a large acrylic block or similar work surface, add about two teaspoons of the embossing paste (this amount will be enough for 2-3 snowflake decorations). Then, sprinkle the glitter over the paste and mix with a palette knife until the glitter is completely incorporated. If, after you’ve finished mixing, you find that you need to add more glitter, simply sprinkle more glitter over the paste and mix again.

DIY Stenciled Glitter Snowflake Decorations, Step 3

Step 3 : Spread the glitter embossing paste over the stencil with a palette knife, frosting-a-cake-style. Then, use the edge of the palette knife to smooth the paste and to remove any extra paste, and clean up any mess with baby wipes or paper towels.

DIY Stenciled Glitter Snowflake Decorations, Step 4Step 4 : Remove the tape and stencil, and set the decoration aside to dry. Wash your stencil and acrylic block as soon as you’re finished with the embossing paste, because it can be tough to clean off if you let it dry.

When the snowflake decorations are completely dry – I usually leave them to dry overnight – tie metallic thread or twine through the holes at the tops of the decorations to hang.

DIY Stenciled Glitter Snowflake Decorations | Paper Crave

photos by Kristen Magee