Quick Picks : 12.18.14

Lindsay Letters 12 Days of Christmas (instant digital download)

12 Days of Christmas Printable PDF Files by Lindsay Letters (8 Maids a Milking is my fave!)

This Week’s Picks

♥ Check out these lovely, gold and mint free printable holiday gift tags from Paisley Petal Events.

♥ And be sure to head on over and download some of Paper Crave’s free printable holiday gift tags from seasons past.

♥ I am completely smitten with these adorable printable holiday goodies from Smallful.

♥ Hoot, hoot! My Owl Barn’s free printable Owl Lovers calendar is in its 5th year, and it’s as awesome as ever!

♥ It may be a little late to pick up holiday cards for THIS season, but you might want to pick up some of these letterpress lovelies from Imogen Owen for next Christmas.

♥ Also check out Downtime Collective’s fun holiday card designs. Lovin’ the Christmas pickle!

image from Lindsay Letters

Marsala, Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year

Pantone 2015 Color of the Year : Marsala

Marsala, Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2015, has been the talk of the town recently, and I thought that I’d throw my hat into the ring and give my opinion about what I think is a rather unexpected choice.

First, I’ll say that this an absolutely gorgeous color for cosmetics. I can instantly see this as a rich, red lipstick or gloss. And I would totally wear Marsala nail polish. Fashion and home decor? Yep, this has loads of potential. I’m thinking beautiful silk blouses and dresses and bold, patterned pillows. But, when I first saw this color, I immediately went back, way back, to the 15th & 16th centuries and my absolute favorite periods in art history, the Northern Renaissance and Italian Renaissance. Think Bruegel. Botticelli. Caravaggio. And one of my personal favorites, van Eyck, whose stunningly realistic oil paintings won me over as soon as I laid eyes on them in my very first art history class.

My Thoughts on Marsala

Above, clockwise from topDulle Griet (Mad Meg) by Pieter Bruegel the Elder (c.1562) // Madonna in the Church (detail) by Jan van Eyck (c.1430s) // The Ambassadors Depart (from The Stories from the Life of St Ursula) by Vittore Carpaccio (c.1495-1500) // Cestello Annunciation by Sandro Botticelli (c.1489-1490) // The Musicians (detail) by Caravaggio (c.1595-1596) // The Arnolfini Marriage by Jan van Eyck (1434)

So, what does this have to do with stationery, you ask? Well, in a way, I’m still figuring that out. At first glance, I thought that this deep, rich red seemed at odds with many of the current color and style trends in stationery and invitation design. It’s not a color that I’d call “soft”, so I can’t see it paired with the light, peachy pinks, minty greens, and pastel teals that are so popular. Or can I? And I think it would be a lovely match for the “glam” hues that are so hot right now, but it would definitely add a deeper, darker touch.

The more that I’ve looked at Marsala, thought about Marsala, the more my mind has opened to it. From the start, I thought that it would be absolutely gorgeous paired with gold metallics. Talk about Valentine’s Day card potential, not to mention the potential for NEXT holiday season. And, hey, wouldn’t it be awesome as a metallic, too? I also think that it has fantastic potential with minimalist, modern looks. Think hairline sans-serif fonts and thin, geometric patterns. I’m still on the fence about how I feel about pairing it with a brushstroke or watercolor look. It could be cool, or it could … well, it could look like blood, which is great if you’re designing for Halloween. What do you think?

Marsala + Brushy = Bloody? Cool? Bloody Cool?

Marsala-Inspired Palette

I’m so excited to see what stationery and invitation designers will do with Marsala in the coming year. With the depth of creativity that is out there, I know to expect the unexpected. And I also know that we’re sure to see some applications of this color that are wild, innovative, and completely awesome!

images from Pantone, WebMuseum, and Web Gallery of Art

Printable 2015 Calendars

Looking to grab a 2015 calendar for your wall or desk, all quick-like? These printable calendars are just the thing, and the best part is that you can download them instantly from wherever and whenever you’d like. So, if you suddenly get a hankering for a good-looking calendar while you’re lounging in your pajamas and surfing the web at 3am on a Sunday morning, then getting ahold of these babies is no prob!

2015 Printable Calendars

Above, clockwise from top left : Sky Goodies // French Melody // Flapperdoodle // Art Files Vicky // Bubbo // Two Pooch Paperie

images from their respective sources

Free Printable Glam Holiday Gift Tags

I took my inspiration from the “Brushstrokes” trend and created a fun and festive set of holiday gift tags and digital patterns for k.becca, but I wanted to explore some more with the bold color palette. So, when I was brainstorming ideas for this year’s free printable holiday tags, I thought, “Hey, I’ll use the same colors but make the designs less brushstroke-y and more clean and geometric.” When I spotted the lovely Isabella Script font, I knew that I had my “hero” font for the new tag set, and the result is a collection of gift tags featuring a colorful array of bold holiday designs.

Download the tags below and print them onto cardstock or sticker paper to create homemade tags for Christmas presents, party favors, and food gifts!

Glam Holiday Free Printable Gift Tags

Download Free Printable Glam Holiday Gift Tags

For personal, non-commercial use only. © 2014, Kristen Magee / Paper Crave. All rights reserved.

2015 Calendars, Week Eight

2015 Tea Towel Calendars

Tea towels go a bit beyond the realm of paper, but I spotted so many gorgeous 2015 tea towel calendars that I couldn’t help dedicating a post to them. I think you’ll agree that there are some incredible designs in this eye-catching bunch!

This is my last official calendar roundup of the season, and be sure to check out my other roundups for scads of additional calendar inspiration. Tune in tomorrow for a special printable calendar roundup, too!

2015 Tea Towel Calendars

 1. One Canoe Two 2. Nicole Porter Design 3. Avril Loreti 4. Paper Source 5. Abigail Halpin 6. Heather Dutton 7. Emu Attacks! 8. Satsuma Street 9. Emily Ann Designs 10. Wild Notions

images from their respective sources