The Colour of Things Notebooks by Tom Crawshaw

The Colour of Things Notebooks by Tom Crawshaw

Tom Crawshaw, a freelance senior designer based in London, recently launched The Colour of Things, a series of notebooks that puts his love of print and paper into practice.

Upon first glance, you may wonder why each notebook has a series of seemingly random words on the cover but, if you look a little closer, you’ll realize what a brilliant concept this is. Each beautifully foil stamped word shares one common element: color. And once you recognize this, you’ll undoubtedly be drawn to the clever covers to explore this newly discovered facet of each design.

Have a look at some of the details from each bold, typographic, and completely clever cover below, and be sure to head on over to Tom Crawshaw’s site to find out more about The Colour of Things series and to purchase these brilliant notebooks for yourself or as a gift for design and color-loving friends.

Notebooks printed and bound in the UK by Ambrose Press. Paper supplied by Fenner Paper.

The Colour of Things Notebooks by Tom Crawshaw

The Colour of Things Notebook - Black

The Colour of Things Notebook - Blue

The Colour of Things Notebook - Red

The Colour of Things Notebook - Green

The Colour of Things Notebook - Yellow

The Colour of Things Notebook - White

The Colour of Things Notebooks by Tom Crawshaw

images from Tom Crawshaw

Quick Picks : 3.9.17

Enamel Pins from Yeaaah! Studio

Lovin’ this trio of enamel pins from Yeaaah! Studio (great backer card design, too!)

This Week’s Picks

♥ This fun and quirky birthday cake party hat craft made me smile. These would also make great table decorations.

♥ Mmm … letterpress goodness.

♥ And speaking of letterpress, check out the gorgeous texture going on here.

♥ If you love paper quilling (and, really, who doesn’t), then you’ll want to head right on over to Strictly Paper to check out these 20 incredible examples of quilled paper awesomeness.

♥ I’m digging the boldness of this packaging, which was inspired by the regional flags of each of Switzerland’s sovereign states.

♥ Looking for a stylish and minimalist monthly goal planner? Check out these super chic (and free) printable planner pages from ink + volt.

image from Yeaaah! Studio

Retro Modern Letterpress Birthday Cards from Lucky Horse Press

Ham It Up Letterpress Birthday Card | Lucky Horse Press

Omigosh, I am lovin’ the new letterpress birthday cards from Lucky Horse Press, which feature totally awesome illustrations with a fun, retrolicious vibe. You’re sure to find something to love in this smile-inducing bunch, and everyone on your birthday card list will most definitely love receiving any one of these groovy birthday greeitngs, too!

But seriously, how can you resist those cute little birthday piggies? I know that I can’t! Squeee … al!

Fast Food Letterpress Birthday Card | Lucky Horse Press

You're Classic Letterpress Birthday Card | Lucky Horse Press

Sweets Letterpress Birthday Card | Lucky Horse Press

Mellow Letterpress Birthday Card | Lucky Horse Press

images from Lucky Horse Press

Wax Seals from Backtozero

Wax Seals from Backtozero

The wax seal, or variations thereof, has been around for literally thousands of years, and I have a hunch that this classic means of identification used on envelopes and other important documents is going to be one of the hot trends in the coming year and beyond.

There’s just something so tactilely gratifying about a raised seal design, surrounded by a unique wax silhouette. Mmmhmmm. I cannot get enough of that gorgeous texture.

These wax seals from Hong Kong-based Backtozero immediately caught my eye, and I think you can understand why. Their assortment of beautiful wax seals includes everything from classic crests to monograms, botanicals, and florals, and I love that they’ve added more modern looks to the mix with hand lettered and geometric designs that are sure to appeal to the more trend conscious eye.

Here’s just a little selection of what Backtozero has to offer, and you’ll want to head over to their shop to see all of their wonderful wax seal designs. They offer “design your own” options, too!

Wax Seals from Backtozero

images from Backtozero