Funny & Snarky Valentine’s Day Cards

If you’re like me and prefer snarky to sappy, then this bunch of snort-laugh inducing Valentine’s Day cards will be right up your alley. And, yeah, I totally had to look “bae” up in the Urban Dictionary to find out what it meant. Also, there’s a lot of talk about butts in snarky valentines. Just thought you’d like to know.

Funny & Snarky Valentine's Day Cards

1. Emily McDowell 2. The Paper Cub 3. Row House 14 4. Hennel Paper Co. 5. Offensive + Delightful 6. Lux & Trip

Foil Stamped Valentine’s Day Cards

What would Valentine’s Day be without a little shimmer and shine? Well, it would still be Valentine’s Day, but it would be lacking something for those of us who are lovin’ the hot, hot, hot metallic foil trend. This fantastic bunch of love-themed greetings features foil stamped details that are anything but ho-hum and, if you’re a foil fan, I know that at least a few of these designs will catch your eye.

Foil Stamped Valentine's Day / Love Cards

1. Sugar Paper 2. Egg Press 3. Night Owl Paper Goods 4. Sycamore Street Press 5. 9th Letter Press 6. Scotch & Cream

images from their respective sources

Quick Picks : 1.14.16

Paper Patch Shadow Boxes by Becky Margraf

Paper Patch Shadow Boxes by Becky Margraf (so awesome!)

This Week’s Picks

♥ These free cheesy pun cheese wrappers from Design is Yay are so much fun.

♥ Minted’s new Save the Date Card collection just launched, and it’s absolutely beautiful.

♥ Free printable Valentine’s Day goodie bags for “beary” good friends from Oh Happy Day.

♥ A rainbow of pretty pens, you say? Yes, please.

♥ Loved getting a peek behind the scenes of the design and print process for Legion Paper’s gorgeous holiday card, designed by Jennet Liaw.

image from Becky Margraf

Love & Valentine’s Day Cards from Hello! Lucky

Cheesy Valentine Card by Hello! Lucky

I’m a sucker for a good and cheesy valentine, and these Valentine’s Day and love-themed cards from Hello! Lucky feature designs that range from the awesomely cheesy (above) to prickly, penny, and narwhal-themed designs that are sure to bring a smile to the faces of anyone lucky enough to receive them. In other words, they’re a lot of fun!

Head on over to Hello! Lucky to check out all of their love and friendship cards.

Strange and Wonderful Narwhal Card by Hello! Lucky

Lucky Penny Card by Hello! Lucky

Pure Magic Card by Hello! Lucky

Irresistible Card by Hello! Lucky

Stay Spicy Card by Hello! Lucky

Stuck on You Card by Hello! Lucky

images from Hello! Lucky