Wax Seals from Backtozero

Wax Seals from Backtozero

The wax seal, or variations thereof, has been around for literally thousands of years, and I have a hunch that this classic means of identification used on envelopes and other important documents is going to be one of the hot trends in the coming year and beyond.

There’s just something so tactilely gratifying about a raised seal design, surrounded by a unique wax silhouette. Mmmhmmm. I cannot get enough of that gorgeous texture.

These wax seals from Hong Kong-based Backtozero immediately caught my eye, and I think you can understand why. Their assortment of beautiful wax seals includes everything from classic crests to monograms, botanicals, and florals, and I love that they’ve added more modern looks to the mix with hand lettered and geometric designs that are sure to appeal to the more trend conscious eye.

Here’s just a little selection of what Backtozero has to offer, and you’ll want to head over to their shop to see all of their wonderful wax seal designs. They offer “design your own” options, too!

Wax Seals from Backtozero

images from Backtozero

Quick Picks : 3.2.17

Amazing, Miniature Paper Cities Enclosed in Glass by Ayumi Shibata

Amazing, Miniature Paper Cities Enclosed in Glass by Ayumi Shibata

This Week’s Picks

♥ I’m excited to share that my newest stamp designs created in collaboration with Pretty Pink Posh are now available!

♥ Always up for some awesome, vintage postage stamp designs.

♥ I love the simplicity of this eco-friendly packaging from GREENKraft.

♥ The most gorgeous board game design ever!

image from Ayumi Shibata / Strictly Paper

Amelia Flower Illustrated Greeting Cards

I am totally digging these fun and quirky, illustrated greeting cards from Cheltenham, UK-based Amelia Flower, which feature everything and everyone from socks and shoes to bananas and booze, with a plethora of yogis and beachgoers to boot.

These wonderfully whimsical cards will be just as welcome in mailboxes as they will be on walls as framed art pieces, and you can see all of the available illustrated cards in the Amelia Flower shop.

Amelia Flower Illustrated Greeting Cards

images from Amelia Flower

Esther Clark Illustrated Floral Art Prints & Cards

Esther Clark Floral Illustrated Cards

After the unseasonably warm weather that we experienced around these parts last week, I am completely ready for warmer weather to be here on a more permanent basis. And these gorgeous, illustrated floral cards and art prints by Esther Clark only only add to my longing for spring and all of the wonderful things that it brings.

Head on over to Esther’s shop to see all of the lovely, floral paper goods that she has available, and be sure to check out her Instagram for oodles of floral and wedding eye candy.

Esther Clark Floral Illustrated Art Prints

images from Esther Clark