A Collection of Holiday Gift Tags, 2014 Edition

Holiday Labels by Idlewild Co.

Holiday Labels by Idlewild Co.

A Collection of Holiday Gift Tags

Row 1 (above, left to right) : Print Smitten // How Joyful // Perfectly Nice

Row 2 : The Detroit Card Co. // Studio Sarah // Thimblepress

Row 3 : Tali Gal-on // Little Print Design // Tali Gal-on

A Collection of Holiday Gift Tags

Row 1 : Norman’s Printery // Plane Paper // The Detroit Card Co.

Row 2 : Olive & the Volcano // Tali Gal-on // Smock

Row 3 : 1973 // Typecast Lettering // Lala Grace

Row 4 : Olive Juice Press // Give with Joy // Little Print Design

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Holiday Card Picks : Good Paper Handmade Cards

Good Paper Boxed, Handmade Holiday Cards (available at Whole Foods)Good Paper Boxed Holiday Cards (available at Whole Foods)

These handmade cards from Good Paper aren’t just punny and cute – which, by the way, they totally are. They’re also for a great cause. Good Paper believes that cards can change lives, and they employ women who have escaped human trafficking, giving them a safe work environment and a secure source of income.

Good Paper Handmade Holiday Cards (detail)

I love the texture and dimension of these wonderful cards, which feature layered pieces of paper that are glued down on the card to create each festive design. All of Good Paper’s cards are hand-cut and hand-assembled by their cardmakers, so when you actually hold the card in your hand, you can see the different paper pieces and the dimension that they create. In other words, these are not your typical flat-printed cards.

The paper used for the card front is also handmade (pulped and pressed) by Good Paper’s cardmakers. In the close-up of the Peas on Earth card above, you can see the texture and fibers of the paper. And the best part is the back of each card is signed by its maker, connecting you to each unique woman who crafted it.

Good Paper’s handmade, boxed holiday cards are available at Whole Foods stores nationwide, so be sure to stop by and check them out!

Good Paper Handmade Holiday Cards

images from Good Paper / Whole Foods

Quick Picks : 12.11.14

Leo the Lion, Charlie the Tiger & Lucy the Bear Art Prints | Imaginary Beast

Leo the Lion, Charlie the Tiger & Lucy the Bear Art Prints (so cute!) from Imaginary Beast

This Week’s Picks

♥ I’ve been looking for just the right daily planner, and I think that I’ve finally found it.

♥ Check out these brand new art prints from Snow & Graham.

♥ MOO just started offering letterpress business cards, and the available designs are pretty darn cool.

♥ I am lovin’ Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn’s interpretation of the 12 days of Christmas. Seven Swans a Swimming is my fave so far!

Printable toucans? Really fun and unexpected!

image from Imaginary Beast

A Letterpress Christmas 2014 : Roundup #2

I’m wrapping up my “A Letterpress Christmas” series for the season with this beauteous bunch of letterpress holiday cards. I hope that you’ll find something that you crave among these cheeky, fun, and elegant designs!

A Letterpress Christmas, Roundup #2

Above, clockwise from top left : Foglio Press // Harken Press // Benchpressed // Harken Press // Ditto Ditto // Olive & the Volcano // Egg Press

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