Esther Clark Illustrated Floral Art Prints & Cards

Esther Clark Floral Illustrated Cards

After the unseasonably warm weather that we experienced around these parts last week, I am completely ready for warmer weather to be here on a more permanent basis. And these gorgeous, illustrated floral cards and art prints by Esther Clark only only add to my longing for spring and all of the wonderful things that it brings.

Head on over to Esther’s shop to see all of the lovely, floral paper goods that she has available, and be sure to check out her Instagram for oodles of floral and wedding eye candy.

Esther Clark Floral Illustrated Art Prints

images from Esther Clark

Quick Picks : 2.23.17

Cheree Berry Paper for Target (Baby & Wedding)

So jazzed to see Cheree Berry Paper’s new line of sweet and lovely baby + wedding stationery
and party goods for Target!

This Week’s Picks

♥ These chocolate packaging designs are almost as yummy as their contents.

♥ If you’re a fan of all things holographic, then you’re going to love these business cards.

♥ And you’ll also need these envelopes, like, stat.

♥ These 3D paper flower gift toppers are oh so modern (and very pretty, too).

image from Cheree Berry Paper

Danielle Kroll for Red Cap Cards

Danielle Kroll for Red Cap Cards

I’m always a happy camper when Red Cap Cards adds something new to their lineup, and this new collection by Danielle Kroll is simply fantastic. I’m totally digging Danielle’s whimsical style and am lovin’ her greeting card and gift wrap designs, which feature everything from champagne bottles to compacts to kitty cats.

Below is a little peek at just some of the designs from Danielle Kroll for Red Cap Cards, and be sure to head on over to their site to see everything!

Danielle Kroll for Red Cap Cards

images from Red Cap Cards

Modern, Illustrated Birthday Cards from Card Nest

If you’re on the hunt for some great birthday cards (and I totally am after celebrating a bunch of birthdays in January and February), then you’ve gotta check out all of the fun, illustrated birthday greetings from Card Nest, featuring greeting card designs by a group of super talented illustrated and hand lettering artists that include Paula Bowles, Emily Van Hoff, Lydia Nichols, Jacqui Lee, and more!

Check out some of my faves below, and head on over to Card Nest to see all of their birthday cards, plus cards for oodles of other occasions.

Party Animals Birthday Card by Jacqui Lee for Card Nest

Illustrated Birthday Cards by Paula Bowles for Card Nest

Whale of a Time by Carolina Buzio for Card Nest

Birthday Cards by Lydia Nichols and Emily Van Hoff for Card Nest

Go Wild Octopus by Lydia Nichols for Card Nest

images from Card Nest