6 Super Cool Birthday Cards from Elum

Super Electric Happy Birthday Card from Elum #letterpress

If you’re on the hunt for some seriously fun birthday cards, then look no further than Elum’s collection of super cool letterpress birthday greetings. I’m always seriously impressed (pun intended) by how wonderfully colorful Elum’s letterpress cards are. I mean, just check out the rainbow of color going on in their Super Electric card (above).

You’ll also find festive tacos, a birthday dragon, and celebratory champagne among Elum’s birthday card designs, which will have you smiling a happy, paper-loving smile as soon as you see them.

Amazing Icons Happy Birthday Card from Elum #letterpress

Dragon Candle Happy Birthday Card from Elum #letterpress

Champ Happy Birthday Card from Elum #letterpress

Taco Time Happy Birthday Card from Elum #letterpress

Reach for the Stars Happy Birthday Card from Elum #letterpress

images from Elum

2018 Save the Date Cards from Minted

The 2018 save the date cards from Minted have arrived and, of course, I had to have a look around at all of the new and lovely designs. You’ll find plenty of gorgeous, on trend looks throughout the collection, which is strong in florals and beautiful hand lettering, two hot trends that are perfect for all things wedding.

Check out a roundup of my favorites below, and be sure to head over to Minted to see all of the lovely, new save the date card designs!

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2018 Minted Save the Date Cards #savethedate #minted

Above, clockwise from top left : Botanical Press by Paper Raven Co. // Winter Air by Lehan Veenker // Scripted Botanicals by Alethea and Ruth // Fancy Florals by Morgan Ramberg // Billowy by Genna Cowsert // Forever Begins by Pink House Press

images from Minted

Quick Picks : 2.1.18

Ice Cream Truck Valentine Card Kit from Elum

This ice cream truck valentine card kit from Elum is SO cute! There’s a cookie kit, too.

This Week’s Picks

♥ I love a good anti-valentine, and these from Oh Happy Day are pretty funny … or should I say punny?

♥ This stop motion ad for Epidemic Sound, featuring detailed paper sculptures by Todd Watts, is pretty darn cool.

♥ These DIY painted record album valentines are so cute.

♥ And these DIY paper lipstick valentines are so clever.

♥ Absolutely lovin’ this packaging and identity design for CACAO 70, a Canadian chocolate company.

image from Elum

5 Chic, Modern Calligraphy Fonts for Wedding Invitations & Stationery

Modern calligraphy fonts have been all the rage for several years now, and it’s been really interesting to see how this typography trend has evolved since it first came onto the scene. Typefaces that are inspired by traditional calligraphy have been around for years, and there are so many beautiful ones to choose from, but many of today’s calligraphy-inspired fonts have a modern sensibility that’s unique to the currently trending aesthetic. It’s a look that’s chic and sophisticated yet casual and carefree at the same time, and I’m absolutely lovin’ this look.

When more modern calligraphy style typefaces started coming onto the market, fonts like Asterism by Great Lakes Lettering and Nelly Script by Tart Workshop led the way. Over the past couple of years, more textured, brush-style fonts like Madina Script and Northwell, both by Sam Parrett, have been all the rage.

Now, we’re starting to see the next crop of hot fonts emerging, and these modern calligraphy fonts have a look that’s more monoline or, at the very least, with more of a subtle contrast between thick and thin line weights. These fonts are casual yet chic, sophisticated yet carefree, totally gorgeous, and perfect for modern wedding invitations and stationery designs. Coupled with a Didot-esque serif (another trending font style), these casual calligraphy script fonts are simply perfect.

Here are 5 examples from the current crop of chic calligraphy fonts, and I want them all! Yeah, I’m a little greedy when it comes to pretty fonts. And by “a little”, I mean a lot.

Georgia Script Font by Vuuuds

Georgia Script by Vuuuds


The Styled Edit Font by Peach Creme

The Styled Edit by Peach Creme


Signature Collection Font by Nicky Laatz

Signature Collection Script Font by Nicky Laatz


Witter Script Font by Danti Studio

Witter Script Font by Danti Studio


Silver South Font Duo by Sam Parrett

Silver South Font Duo by Sam Parrett


images from their respective sources

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