Bloomwolf Studio Paper Goods

Modern, Illustrated Notepads by Bloomwolf Studio

Bloomwolf Studio got its start just last year, but they’ve already put together quite a collection of sweet illustrated paper goodies and made their trade show debut at the National Stationery Show this past May.

The Bloomwolf Studio line is filled with fun and colorful paper goods, including darling notepads and planner pads, which feature bright patterns and illustrations. I’m particularly partial to their Baking Counter Market List Pad – the ingredient and baking tool illustrations are so cute!

Bloomwolf’s products are printed with a local printer that is Sustainable Green Printer (SGP) Certified, as well as FSC-Certified, and they use FSC-Certified paper stock. So, this line is pretty AND eco-friendly! Check out all of their greeting cards, art prints, and postcards right here, and have a little peek at their notepads and planner pads below:

Bloomwolf Studio Planner Pads & Notepads

images from Bloomwolf Studio

Quick Picks : 6.9.16

DIY "Stained Glass" Unicorn from Oh Happy Day

DIY “Stained Glass” Unicorn from Oh Happy Day

This Week’s Picks

♥ The perfect houseplant for anyone with a brown thumb.

♥ Learn how to make your own custom stamps with the Silhouette Mint (aff.) in this video tutorial.

♥ I discovered paper artist Liz Sofield on Instagram this week and, wow, her work is incredible!

♥ These Enamel Pin Greeting Cards from Genuine Haha are pretty darn funny.

♥ Attention paper quillers! Instructables recently launched their 2016 Quilling Contest, and there’s still plenty of time to enter your quilled creations.

image from Oh Happy Day

Coloring Cards & Art Prints from Chic + Nawdie

The Coloring Collection from Chic + Nawdie

Raise your hand if you’re still firmly seated on the coloring love train! *raises both hands and waves them in the air* Coloring has never, ever been and will never, ever be out of style for me, and I am lovin’ all of the cool, color-in goodies that are coming out now that the over eight crowd has remembered how totally awesome coloring is.

The new Coloring Collection from Chic + Nawdie made its debut at the Stationery Show last month, and it features fun and fantastic coloring designs in both 8″ x 10″ art print and greeting card formats. You’ll find fish, gems, kitty cats, and butterflies among the patterns, which are just waiting for you to color them in and bring them to life.

Head over to Chic + Nawdie to see all of the available coloring cards and prints!

Cats Coloring Art Print by Chic + Nawdie

Gems Coloring Art Print by Chic + Nawdie

Fish Coloring Art Print by Chic + Nawdie

Butterflies Coloring Art Print by Chic + Nawdie

images from Chic + Nawdie

Illustrated Birthday Cards

Many of my friends and family have birthdays coming up over the next couple of months, which means that I’m on the hunt for some super cool birthday cards. If you also find yourself in need of an awesome birthday card or ten, then you’ll want to check out this roundup of some of the illustrated birthday greetings that have caught my eye lately. Lots of fun designs in this bunch, and some kid-friendly cards, too!

Illustrated Birthday Cards

1. Paula & Waffle 2. Anni Betts 3. Lucky Horse Press 4. 1Canoe2 5. This Paper Ship 6. Imogen Owen

images from their respective sources