Rag & Bone’s Anatomy of a Trade Show Booth

Rag & Bone's Anatomy of a Trade Show Booth

Rag & Bone Bindery has quite an informative post on their blog about their recent trip to the New York International Gift Fair. As an independent business owner who has never attended a trade show, I’ve always been curious about just what’s involved. Rag & Bone even created a stylish PDF which gives a rundown of what was included in their trade show booth (awesome booth!) and the associated costs. Thanks, Rag & Bone, for being so generous with the “inside” information!

image from Rag & Bone Bindery blog

Illustrated Postcards from Jaime Zollars

Jaime Zollars Postcards

I love these postcards, illustrated by Jaime Zollars, who I recently discovered was also behind the wonderful blog Paper Forest. The postcards depict fairytale landscapes from far away, and the atmospheric illustrations really set my imagination going.

Items like these are perfect to have in your collection for days when you need some inspiration, or when wanderlust is upon you. And, of course, you can actually send them to other people if you can manage to part with them. $6.00 for a set of 8 (2 each of the four designs – send one to a friend and keep one for yourself!) at Jaime Zollars.

images from Jaime Zollars

Custom Embossers

Horchow Custom Embosser

When I was a youngster, my mom was a licensed notary, and I was completely fascinated by her notary embosser. I wanted to emboss everything but, as my mom so astutely pointed out, that would’ve been completely illegal.

While I still have my love of embossing and embossers, I now know that I can get a completely legal, non-notary related embosser customized to my needs. Horchow has some good-looking custom embosser options — you can go with a “Library of…” model, a single initial, or a three liner. $29.00 each at Horchow.

image from Horchow