Jennifer Squires Photography

I try to see the beauty in everyday objects — a spool of thread, a bowl of soup, a patch of wildflowers, a ladybug on the window sill — and I love it when I’m introduced to others who share this view of the world.

Jennifer Squires Photography

Jennifer Squires Photography

London, Ontario, Canada based photographer Jennifer Squires wonderfully captures the beauty in the simplicity of the everyday objects that make up her world, our world. Her evocative photographs include delicate peonies and calla lilies, as well as heads of garlic and one of my favorites, jars of homemade canned dill pickles.

Jennifer’s photographs can be produced in sizes ranging from a small 4×6 inches to 24×30 inches and will add a special something to any room of the house. I can picture a series of the floral photos in a powder room or a series of the food shots in a kitchen.

images from Jennifer Squires

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