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Eco Friendly Paper
Otis & Bean Letterpress Cards
Otis & Bean Letterpress Cards
Otis & Bean Letterpress Cards

Check out these wonderful letterpress cards from Otis & Bean. I’m digging the modern patterns, and the rich berry palette featured in many of the designs reminds me of the huge dark/berry trend that’s happening this autumn in cosmetics; i.e., MAC’s Cult of Cherry collection. Do I sense a future color trend in stationery? I hope so, because I love berry, plum, eggplant, and thistle shades! Check out Otis & Bean’s line at their Etsy shop for more letterpress lovelies.

I got so excited about the cards and colors that I almost forgot to mention that Otis & Bean’s letterpress cards are eco-friendly, printed on 30% recycled paper manufactured using windpower, and inks used are vegetable and soy based. The envelopes are also made from paper that contains 30% post-consumer waste.

images from Otis & Bean

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  1. Julie commented //

    Very pretty! I love pinks & berry colors – nice to see them in letterpress now.

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