Eco Friendly Paper : Amy Smyth Made It

Eco Friendly Paper

Amy Smyth recently debuted her 2008 collection, which includes over 100(!) new and/or improved colorful designs in every category, from birthday and bridal to moving and thank you.

Even better, the entire collection is printed on recycled paper — Neenah Environment, to be exact — and use recycled envelopes.

Below are several of my favorites:

Amy Smyth Made It Recycled Birthday Card
Amy Smyth Made It Recycled Good Luck Card
Amy Smyth Made It Recycled Bridesmaid Card
Amy Smyth Made It Recycled Football Invitation

images from Amy Smyth Made It

Eco Friendly Paper : Fish Lips

Eco Friendly Paper

There’s no reason why you can’t be both a stylish gift-wrapper and environmentally friendly. Fish Lips Paper Designs proves this point through their many unique, modern gift wrap designs…all printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper using soy based inks.

Fish Lips Recycled Gift Wrap

Use and re-use the gift wrap for book covers, placemats, wall art, draw liners, and pretty much anything else that you can think of! $4.00 per sheet at Fish Lips.

images from Fish Lips Paper Designs

Mandala Art and Photography by Allison Trentelman

Allison Trentelman Photo Greeting Cards

These greeting cards by photographer Allison Trentelman of Mandala Art and Photography perfectly capture the beauty of the winter. And I really, really must think of this beauty on days like today, where it’s absolutely frigid outside and I don’t want to leave the comfort of my warm home. Allison also sells photographic art prints, though these greeting cards are beautiful enough to frame. $16.00 for a set of four.

images from Mandala Art and Photography