Pie Bird Press Greeting Cards

Pie Bird Press Cards

The peeps at Pie Bird Press have mastered the art of finding beauty and vibrancy in the everyday. You’ll find everything from cherry pie to yarn to wonderful bunches on their cards, which are made from custom linoleum cuts that are hand-printed on an antique letterpress. Their pop-art-y style is truly a feast for the eyes!

Cards range in price from $3.00-$4.00 each, and you can pick up packages of 6 to 8, as well.

images from Pie Bird Press

Making Memories Tag Curler Tool

Making Memories Tag Curler

I’m quite intrigued by this nifty tag curling tool from Making Memories. It curls cute little pre-made metal tags around your ribbon and is perfect for embellishing ribbon on gifts, cards, and invitations. Making Memories has a visual step-by-step so you can see how the tool works, and you can find it at a variety of online scrapbooking stores. What will they think of next?

image from Making Memories

Pea Soup Felt Cards

Pea Soup by Nicole Golden Felt Cards

Spotted on Jotter … these adorable felt “breakfast” cards from Pea Soup by Nicole Golden. What better way is there to spread your love for all things bacon, toast, and more than by giving these cuties to your friends and family? Well, I suppose you could make a special breakfast for everyone that you know, but this involves much less dishwashing. $12.00 for a set of 5.

image from Pea Soup

Sniff Design Postcards

Sniff Design Postcards

I’m digging these cute postcards from Sniff Design’s recently opened Etsy shop. The paper pretties are designed by Monica Cevallos, a lover of all things animal and the graphic designer behind Sniff Design Studio, a small print and web design studio geared toward serving businesses in the pet industry.

I love the philosophy behind the postcards: “Less is More — An expressive message does not have to be complicated.” $7.00 for a set of six (2 of each design).

images from Sniff Design

A Little Hut Summery Cards

A Little Hut Linoleum Cut Illustration Cards

I’m loving these evocative, hand printed cards from A Little Hut. The bright colors and summery featured subjects are like a breath of fresh air, reminding me of laidback summer days. Each card is hand printed from a linoleum cut illustration created by A Little Hut’s own Patricia Zapata.

A set of 6 of a single illustration is $18.00 at A Little Hut.

images from A Little Hut