Quick Picks : 3.6.14

LE Neapolitan Stripe Gold Foil Art Print | Pencil Shavings Studio

LE Neapolitan Stripe Gold Foil Art Print | Pencil Shavings Studio

This Week’s Picks

♥ Why, hello there, wonderful wood veneer tape. – via

♥ If only I lived near Minneapolis, I would totally be at the upcoming Modern Penmanship workshop by Crystal Kluge, one my favorite hand lettering artists.

♥ I love the look of Louise Jenkins’ layered paper cuttings. So inspiring.

Letterpress + bread dough? That. Is. Awesome.

♥ Really digging the bold, black and white paper goods from Petra Börner. – via

♥ Wonderful, whimsical illustration from Katt Frank. I see that she has a shop coming soon, too! – via

image from Pencil Shavings Studio

Extracurricular Activities Illustrated Greeting Cards

Summertime Illustrated Greeting Card | Extracurricular Activities

Mike Yamada and Victoria Ying are the husband and wife team behind Extracurricular Activities, an online shop that started out as a way for the couple to work on independent projects outside of their full-time jobs as concept artists for animation at Dreamworks and Disney, respectively, and has expanded to become an ever-growing line of beautifully illustrated cards, art prints, apparel, and digital accessories.

I am totally digging their greeting card lineup, which includes designs that feature everything from soothing landscapes to bustling cityscapes to seriously sweet characters. Here’s a peek at their cards, and be sure to head over to the Extracurricular Activities shop to see much more.

Illustrated Greeting Cards | Extracurricular Activities

images from Extracurricular Activities

Suzy Ultman + Igloo Letterpress Die Cut Key Cards

Thank You Die Cut Letterpress Key Card | Suzy Ultman (designer) & Igloo Letterpress (printer)

I always look forward to seeing new collaborative projects from Suzy Ultman & Igloo Letterpress, and their latest is my favorite to date. This clever collection of die cut, key-shaped letterpress cards is innovative, sweet and, of course, wonderfully illustrated by Suzy. I think I’d have a hard time giving one of these adorable cards away, so they are definitely candidates for my buy-two-and-horde-one-in-my-paper-stash strategy!

Die Cut Letterpress Key Cards | Suzy Ultman (designer) & Igloo Letterpress (printer)

images from Igloo Letterpress

On My Wishlist : For a Snowy Monday

It’s Monday. And it’s snowing … again. Wishing for spring to come early seems futile at this point so, instead, I’m wishing for a few paper-ish goodies that brighten my spirits and remind me of warmer (please, please) days to come.

I hope that you’ll find something in this group that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy, too:

On My Wishlist : For a Snowy Monday as seen on papercrave.com

1. Pom Pom Push Pins 2. Hero Arts Shadow Ink Pads in Mint Julep and Fresh Peach 3. Brass Template Bookmark 4. Knot & Bow’s Tag & Twine Box 5. Aqua Arrow Paper Clips

images from their respective sources

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