Happy Hanukkah Menorah Cards

Hanukkah begins on December 24th this year and, in honor of the upcoming holiday, I’ve put together a roundup of lovely Hanukkah cards that showcase the menorah, the centerpiece of the festival of light.

You’ll find everything from fabulous florals to feathered friends in this bright and inventive bunch of modern greetings, which includes designs from Elum, Fugu Fugu Press, Paula & Waffle, and more!

Happy Hanukkah Menorah Cards

Above, clockwise from top left : Fugu Fugu Press // Hennel Paper Co. // Wit & Whistle // Elum // Paula & Waffle // Letterpress Made

images from their respective sources

Holiday Card Picks : Funny & Snarky Cards

We could all use a little comic relief during the stressful holiday season, and these funny and snarky holiday cards are sure to get a little giggle, if not a full-on guffaw, from anyone lucky enough to receive them.

Be sure to put down the cookies and milk before you have a look at these greetings, or you may end up with a mess on your monitor!

Funny & Snarky Holiday Cards

1. The Smyth Shop 2. Finch and the Fallow 3. Wit & Whistle 4. Finch and the Fallow 5. Well Said Creations 6. Wink Wink Paper Co.

images from their respective sources

Quick Picks : 12.1.16

How to Make Die Cut Color Block Holiday Gift Tags (Video Tutorial)

DIY Die Cut Color Block Wood Gift Tags (Video Tutorial) from k.becca

This Week’s Picks

♥ These illuminated, cut paper dioramas are gorgeous!

♥ This “whimsical” deck of cards, designed by Oksal Yesilok, is so, so cool.

♥ Ooh, pretty notebook.

♥ Urban dwellers, check out these festive, city-centric holiday greeting cards from Hello! Lucky.

♥ I’ve been eyeing up these rose gold-handled scissors. Mmm … rose gold.

image from k.becca