Weekly Wrap #174 : Black & White Gift Wrap Inspiration

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Classic black and white will never go out of style, but it’s most definitely one of the hottest color pairings going right now, and I’ve seen so many gorgeous black and white wrapped packages popping up on Pinterest lately that I had to shine a spotlight on some of my favorites.

This dynamic color duo can stand firmly on its own, as it does in the pretty packages below, but it also looks great with just about any color around. My favorite additions for the upcoming holiday season include shiny metallics, bold reds / greens / teals, and soft mints and pinks. I’ve included some complementary color ideas below to get your creative juices flowing.

Black & White Gift Wrap Inspiration Black & White Holiday Complementary Color Ideas

Above, clockwise from top leftFrida Berglund // Riikka Kantinkoski // Elisabeth Heier // Emily Brown // Nina Oppedal // Vita Villa Vila // Design Eat Repeat

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Color Inspiration for Winter & Holiday 2014 -2015

12 Color Palettes for Winter & Holiday 2014 -2015 Quick Picks will be back next Thursday, but today I’m bringing you some color inspiration for Winter & Holiday 2014-2015. I’ve already talked a bit about color trends in Brushstrokes and Chic Modernist, but I just had to expand on that and share a little color palette action!

These 12 color palettes offer a little bit of everything, from holiday-inspired hues to color mixes that I made with wedding and everyday paper goods in mind. I hope that you’ll find some inspiration in this colorful bunch!

Winter & Holiday 2014 -2015 Inspired Color : Palette No. 1

Winter & Holiday 2014 -2015 Inspired Color : Palette No. 2

Winter & Holiday 2014 -2015 Inspired Color : Palette No. 3

Winter & Holiday 2014 -2015 Inspired Color : Palette No. 4

Winter & Holiday 2014 -2015 Inspired Color : Palette No. 5

Winter & Holiday 2014 -2015 Inspired Color : Palette No. 6

Winter & Holiday 2014 -2015 Inspired Color : Palette No. 7

Winter & Holiday 2014 -2015 Inspired Color : Palette No. 8

Winter & Holiday 2014 -2015 Inspired Color : Palette No. 9

Winter & Holiday 2014 -2015 Inspired Color : Palette No. 10

Winter & Holiday 2014 -2015 Inspired Color : Palette No. 11

Winter & Holiday 2014 -2015 Inspired Color : Palette No. 12

15 Inspiring Fonts for Winter & Holiday 2014 – 2015 (Including Free Fonts!)

15 Inspiring Fonts for Winter & Holiday 2014 - 2015 on papercrave.com

I’m kind of font obsessed and am always looking for both new and classic fonts that get my creative juices flowing. The past few years have been a fontaholic’s dream, with so, so many awesome typefaces being released, and I have to admit that, at times, I’ve been overwhelmed with all of the great stuff that’s out there.

I put together this list of 15 fonts that go hand in hand with the trending styles in invitation and stationery design to inspire and get YOUR creative juices flowing. This list is by no means the be-all and end-all of fantastic, on trend fonts, but it’s a great start and features a range of fonts that include clean, classic typefaces that will always be in style, as well as splashier display fonts that are fantastic representations of the current design zeitgeist.

Asterism Font by Great Lakes Lettering

1. Asterism by Great Lakes Lettering

This modern calligraphy font, created by Molly Jacques Erickson and Dathan Boardman, is wonderfully elegant, with a certain playfulness thanks to its moving baseline and dynamic letterforms. A fantastic choice for wedding invitations and sophisticated stationery designs.

Born Font by Carlos de Toro (Free)

2. Born by Carlos de Toro (Free)

This clean serif typeface is a great blend of traditional and modern, with new features in its endings, strokes, and drops that provide a more fresh, up-to-date look. And, with its large x-height, it offers a high legibility even at small sizes. This one would be a great complement to a bold and brushy display font.

Briar Rose Font by On The Spot Studio

3. Briar Rose by On The Spot Studio

This sweet calligraphy font is perfect for projects with a whimsical, hand lettered feel. I can see this lovely font front and center on a playful save the date or wedding invite, combined with a clean sans-serif like Lato or Open Sans (see below).

Corbert Condensed Italic Font by The Northern Block (Free)

4.Corbert Condensed Italic by The Northern Block (Free)

There’s just something about a clean, modern italic font, and Corbert Condensed Italic is a great example. And I have to admit the I’m kind of in love with the sweetness of the lower case “e”.

Daft Brush Font by Pintassilgo Prints

5. Daft Brush by Pintassilgo Prints

Daft Brush is all about making a statement! This contemporary, brush style font is not just an awesome face, it also brings 4 alternates for each letter and 2 alternates for numbers, giving you plenty of flexibility to customize. Combine this splashy font with a more understated, clean sans-serif for ultra modern invite and stationery designs.

Deming Font by Mike Fortress

6. Deming by Mike Fortress

This eye-catching slab serif is a great choice for designs with a mid-century inspired flavor. I’m already imagining it against a sleek, color block background or as a complement to a beautiful floral bouquet.

Herschel Font by Decade Type Foundry

7. Herschel by Decade Type Foundry

Herschel is a unique, hand drawn serif, inspired by the natural imperfections that occur in traditional sign writing, This awesomely wobbly font would look great in vintage-inspired designs, invitations, labels, packaging … the sky’s the limit!

Klinic Slab Font by Joe Prince

8. Klinic Slab by Joe Prince

The 8 font Klinic Slab family includes 4 weights (and italics) and would be just as at home in a mid-century inspired design as it would be in a clean and contemporary composition. In other words, versatile (stylish, too)!

Lato Font by Łukasz Dziedzic

9. Lato by Łukasz Dziedzic (Free)

Lato consists of 9 weights (and corresponding italics), including a beautiful hairline style. The semi-rounded details of the letters give the typeface a feeling of warmth, while the strong structure provides stability and seriousness. A great choice for designs with a minimalist modern feel, or combine it with a more organic, brushy font for an edgy, contemporary look.

Modern Brush Font by Street Type

10. Modern Brush by Street Type

If you’re looking for a dynamic font with a hand painted feel, then look no further than this streetwise typeface. The bold and brushy letterforms will add a painterly, organic touch to everything from ultra contemporary wedding invite designs to grungy gig posters.

Naive Inline Font by La Goupil Paris

11. Naïve Inline by La Goupil Paris

Sweet, but not too sweet, this handwritten serif font, designed by Fanny Coulez and Julien Saurin, is available in three weights and can be enhanced with a bi-color interior, ribbed or full, to add texture and depth to your designs.

Open Sans Font by Ascender Fonts

12. Open Sans by Ascender Fonts (Free)

This clean and versatile sans-serif face includes 5 weights (and corresponding italics) and looks great in clean, contemporary designs or as a complement to organic display faces.

Ostrich Sans Font by Tyler Finck

13. Ostrich Sans by Tyler Finck (Free)

This slim and condensed typeface features 5 styles, including an inline style that looks great as the star of mid-century modern or just plain modern designs.

The Hand Font by La Goupil Paris

14. The Hand by La Goupil Paris

A tall and lanky handwritten font – love those – designed by Fanny Coulez and Julien Saurin. This all-caps font gets a big thumbs up for readability and works well with an array of design styles. Available in 5 weights and alternates, including a dotted style, the uppercase letters are different from the lowercase letters.

True North Typeface by Cultivated Mind

15. True North by Cultivated Mind

Designed by Cindy Kinash and Charles Gibbons, True North is a vintage-inspired typeface with 16 styles, plus a sweet and playful monoline script font with OpenType features that create the look of hand lettering. Also included are banners, labels, and extras like wild animals, catchwords, numbers, symbols, tools, maple leaves, and trees.

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Trendspotting : Chic Modernist

Winter & Holiday 2014 -2015 Trends : Chic Modernist as seen on papercrave.com

With its focus on clean lines and white space, the “chic modernist” trend stands in clear contrast to the “brushstrokes” trend. However, to keep them completely separated would mean missing out on loads of design possibilities, because these two trends play together so well.

The “chic modernist” trend is all about clean typography, geometric pattern, and bold blocks of color, with oodles of elegant florals and botanicals, beautiful calligraphic elements, and plenty of white space. The result is a look that’s fresh and light, with some serious minimalist tendencies.

Highlights of the Chic Modernist Trend

  • Classic patterns, as in the “brushstrokes” trend, but interpreted in a clean and classic way. Lots of triangles, diamonds, stripes, and dots.
  • Bold blocks of color used as backgrounds for clean, typographic designs.
  • Elegant, swashy calligraphy coupled with chic type – typefaces like Didot / Garamond / Caslon (serifs) and Sweet Sans / Helvetica / Headline Gothic (sans-serifs). Slab serif typefaces like Archer and Museo Slab for designs with a more mid-century influenced look.
  • Cards, invitations, and paper goods inspired by mid-century bus and plane tickets, invoices, and forms.
  • Badge and circular emblem / stamp elements. Clean line frames around text.
  • Watercolor and painterly florals.

Holiday Trends

  • Pine boughs, branches, berries, and other seasonal botanicals and florals – the same motifs as in the “brushstrokes” trend – but more stylized, with clean and light lines.
  • Minimalist, typographic designs.
  • Lots of black and white, with classic red and green elements. Gold glitter and metallic details.

Color Trends

  • A soft spectrum of colors, with mint greens, soft peaches and pinks, and frosty blues and teals at the head of the line.
  • Pure white.
  • Rich black and deep, indigo blue as a bold contrast to the soft and light colors.
  • Warm grays as a softer contrast to light colors.
  • Gold foil stamped calligraphy and type.

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Row 1 : Anna Bond (left) and Ross Bruggink (right) – via

Row 2 : Matt Vergotis (top left) // Emma Dime (bottom left) – via // Also Known As (right) – via

Row 3 : Jennifer Wick – detail (left) // Perky Bros (top middle) – via // Yao Cheng (bottom middle) // Andrew Littmann (right) – via

Row 4 : Annie Clark (left) // 16 Floor (middle) // 31 Bits (top right) – via // Ashley Goldberg (bottom right)

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