Coloring Cards & Art Prints from Chic + Nawdie

The Coloring Collection from Chic + Nawdie

Raise your hand if you’re still firmly seated on the coloring love train! *raises both hands and waves them in the air* Coloring has never, ever been and will never, ever be out of style for me, and I am lovin’ all of the cool, color-in goodies that are coming out now that the over eight crowd has remembered how totally awesome coloring is.

The new Coloring Collection from Chic + Nawdie made its debut at the Stationery Show last month, and it features fun and fantastic coloring designs in both 8″ x 10″ art print and greeting card formats. You’ll find fish, gems, kitty cats, and butterflies among the patterns, which are just waiting for you to color them in and bring them to life.

Head over to Chic + Nawdie to see all of the available coloring cards and prints!

Cats Coloring Art Print by Chic + Nawdie

Gems Coloring Art Print by Chic + Nawdie

Fish Coloring Art Print by Chic + Nawdie

Butterflies Coloring Art Print by Chic + Nawdie

images from Chic + Nawdie

Illustrated Birthday Cards

Many of my friends and family have birthdays coming up over the next couple of months, which means that I’m on the hunt for some super cool birthday cards. If you also find yourself in need of an awesome birthday card or ten, then you’ll want to check out this roundup of some of the illustrated birthday greetings that have caught my eye lately. Lots of fun designs in this bunch, and some kid-friendly cards, too!

Illustrated Birthday Cards

1. Paula & Waffle 2. Anni Betts 3. Lucky Horse Press 4. 1Canoe2 5. This Paper Ship 6. Imogen Owen

images from their respective sources

Quick Picks : 6.2.16

Colorful Paper Shred Installation by Travis Rice

Colorful Shredded Paper Art Installations by Travis Rice

This Week’s Picks

♥ A big congratulations to Steel Petal Press, who have just opened a brick & mortar location in Logan Square, Chicago! Chicago area paper peeps, you can find it at 2321 N. Milwaukee Ave.

♥ Lovin’ the pineapple trend? Check out this suh-weet DIY paper mache pineapple wall art project from Damask Love.

♥ These printable quote pencil boxes from Design Is Yay are so fun and clever.

♥ Organize your pens in style with Pen Array, a stylish, minimalistic, and modern pen organizer machined out of Glacier White Corian. Very snazzy.

♥ The 2016-2017 Day Designer by Whitney English for Blue Sky planner collection recently launched at Target, and there are oodles of on trend, eye-catching designs available.

image from Travis Rice via Strictly Paper