A Fantastic Egg2Cake Giveaway from Felt & Wire

Egg2Cake + Felt & Wire Giveaway

I’m so excited to launch this giveaway from the Felt & Wire shop, and just in time for Mother’s Day gifting! Felt & Wire is one of Paper Crave’s fabulous advertisers, and their shop is filled to the brim with wonderful paper goodies, including Egg2Cake’s smartly snarky and absolutely hilarious line of greeting cards, journals, and notepads.

One lucky Paper Crave reader will win a $25 Gift Certificate to the Felt & Wire shop PLUS an awesome trio of goodies from Felt & Wire’s Egg2Cake collection of Momglish paper goods : a Momglish Pocket Dictionary, a Mamentos After Delivery Journal, and a set of You Wish pregnancy drink coasters. New moms or mothers-to-be are sure to get a kick out of this funny bundle, and any mom will get a lot of laughs out of the entire Momglish lineup.

Yeah, this giveaway is totally fantastic, right? So, how to enter? Simply leave a comment on this post with your favorite item from the Momglish collection (you can browse the entire collection right here), and you’ll be entered to win!

This giveaway will run through Sunday, May 1, 2011 at midnight eastern, and I’ll announce the winner on Monday. One entry per person, and Felt & Wire will ship internationally, so you can enter no matter where you are in the world!

images from Felt & Wire

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41 comments on “A Fantastic Egg2Cake Giveaway from Felt & Wire

  1. Samantha commented //

    Love, love, love these goodies! But my favorite is the wheel of misfortune. We are expecting and this would be great fun!

  2. Julie commented //

    the coasters are FANTASTIC! so clever. πŸ™‚

  3. Danny Lynn commented //

    This is a really fun collection. But my hands down favorite is “Happy Girthday”β€”mainly because this week I did fit into my old jeans! It’s a fabulous thing and should be celebrated!

  4. Elyse G. commented //

    The wheel of misfortune is HYSTERICAL!

  5. Stacy commented //

    I like the Coasters a lot – too funny…

  6. Casey commented //

    These are hilarious! I know so many new moms who would get a kick out of this shop.
    My favorite: Boobtopia Door Hangers for Breastfeeding

  7. Sarah commented //

    These are awesome! I love the poo colors one πŸ™‚

  8. Michele commented //

    Love the Boobtopia door hangers – great for an entrepreneur I know that has to close the door to her office to breastfeed when the baby tags along! (Actually I want one of everything in this collection….)

  9. thelittlereddoor commented //

    love the momglish dictionary πŸ™‚

  10. Sarah commented //

    I just love everything paper-isch :)Hope maybe I’ll win something, never won anything in my life :-O.But we’ll see πŸ™‚

  11. Diane commented //

    I like the “Please Accept My Apology” note card.

  12. Lisa @ all things * jane commented //

    The mamentos journals (both before & after babe) would be my pick. Time flies, so having something to record and later trigger specific memories has always been a purpose of mine.

  13. Morgan commented //

    LOVIN the coasters!!

  14. Wendy commented //

    I like “Shaken or Stir Crazy” because it could apply to so many days!

  15. Stephanie commented //

    I love the poo colors! How funny?!

  16. anna commented //

    I love the Mamentos After Delivery From Day One to Year One Journal– Mostly because my initials are AD. But the “all you need is a can-dy attitude” is a close 2nd! What awesome gifts for new mommas?! The breastfeeding coasters are great.

  17. Liz commented //

    poo colors. It works for all ages! Love it!

  18. susan@pocacosa commented //

    the door hangers are my fave!

  19. Vanessa commented //

    I love the “Please Accept My Apology”-Card! I’m going to create my own for me as a Not-Mummy =) My brother’s becoming a daddy in six weeks and than he will receive a few Momglish-Cards, i guess.

  20. Lacretia commented //

    I love the Shaken or Stir Crazy card!

  21. Tesa commented //

    The “With sympathy for” card…..pretty funny!

  22. Chelsea Ling commented //

    shaken or stir crazy

  23. Linda commented //

    the B.C & A.D Journals.

  24. Margaret commented //

    Love the “while you were out” notepad…so funny

  25. Lisa commented //

    My favourite is “Do Not Perturb Door Hangers for Mama Baby” they are just lovely πŸ™‚

  26. kate commented //

    these are HYSTERICAL!! i love all of them! i’m leaning towards the Bediquette notepad πŸ™‚

  27. Samantha {Papermints} commented //

    Love the coasters – just hilarious! Also like stressed backwards.:)

  28. April commented //

    Totally LOVE Momglish Pocket Dictionary & The Parenting Wheel of Misfortune. As a fellow designer, I want to turn everything into a dictionary now! Excellent work!

  29. Nana commented //

    Love “Do Not Perturb Door Hangers for Mama Baby”.Beautiful work.

  30. Robyn commented //

    Loooove the coasters!

  31. John commented //

    Poo Colors! Poo colors wins by a nose!

  32. Claire commented //

    Love the after babe mamentos journal. As a grandmother whose own children should still be in diapers (where has the time gone!!!???) I encourage every new mother to journal, journal, journal so they won’t forget when they turn around and find they suddenly have grandbabies at their feet.

  33. Emily commented //

    these are so fun! i love the coasters and i’d give them to a friend with the ‘great moments’ card.

  34. Carly Hack commented //

    Love love love them all – but my favourite is the Parentnoia! Ha ha!

  35. theresa commented //

    i heart the coasters

  36. Samantha commented //

    My kids are out of the baby stage, but i love the apology card!! I remember all too well…….

  37. Daniela commented //

    Poo Colors is my favorite!