Blueberry Freckles Giveaway!

Blueberry Freckles Printables

Blueberry Freckles is a new printables shop that was created by husband and wife creative team Veronica Milan and Albert Lopez, who also own Shabby Chic Crafts, as a way to help during this tough economic time. The shop carries a variety of printable invitations, stationery, bookplates, note cards, and more that can be purchased once and printed as many times as you’d like.

Blueberry Freckles is generously giving away 3 PDFs of your choice to a lucky Paper Crave reader. It’s our first giveaway, yay! To enter, simply suggest to Blueberry Freckles a printable paper good or graphic that you’d like to see in their shop. Leave your suggestion as a comment on this post, and you’re entered to win! Entries will be taken through midnight eastern time on March 25, 2009, and a winner will be announced the following day.

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24 comments on “Blueberry Freckles Giveaway!

  1. Kerri M. commented //

    I would love to see wedding invites/stationary!

  2. Tiffany commented //

    Definitely some wedding or bridal shower invites!

  3. Pinar G commented //

    yep, wedding invites would be wonderful and also I’d like to see personalized or stylish notebooks…
    maybe sth like that one:

    it would be nice…

  4. Robyn commented //

    I know they are already in there, but I’d love to see different variations of recipe cards! I use them all the time, but it’d be fun to have different ones in categories (appies, desserts, entrees, drinks, etc)…

  5. Kelly commented //

    I think larger recipe cards, like a 5X7 size would be awesome. Love the designs.

  6. Nicole commented //

    I would love to see more invitations- especially kids birthday!!

  7. ALICE* commented //

    For the crafty folks, it would be great to see some designs featuring yarn & needle, buttons/needle/threads. And what about some seasonal ones (like bunnies for upcoming Easter)?

  8. Nicole commented //

    i’d love to see diy stuff =)

  9. Judy Grubbs commented //

    I would love to see more nature inspired designs for stationery etc.

  10. Judy Grubbs commented //

    I would love to see more nature inspired prints for stationery,etc.

  11. elaine commented //

    I would love the paper pattern of things such as a house, a tree or miniature furniture! Patterns that we can cut out and fold or glue according to the guide lines to become something 3D =)

  12. Alex commented //

    i would love to see some kind of pop out decoration like a 3D tree or a mobile to hang up.


  13. littletjane commented //

    i would love to see a little lemur! 😀

  14. Kim commented //

    graphic: a (borderline scary) clown, or an image printed on an origami box people can fold such as this: (two pieces can be folded to make a box with a top and bottom).

  15. cousette commented //

    I would also like to see cute enveloppes or boxes to print, cut and fold…

  16. karen m. commented //

    Blueberry Freckles’ idea of allowing the buyer to print their own names/words and make custom stationery is so smart and generous! I’m a big fan of printables and I would like to see frame or border cards. Something pretty and all-purpose that has room for the buyer to glue on a standard photo either on the front of a notecard or somewhere on a letter paper, etc. Thank you!

  17. Jeff Black commented //

    This book belongs – Alien!!!

  18. Ariyo commented //

    I would love to see some fill in cards. also all-purpose invitations would be lovely. I think it is an excellent idea if a customer could buy all-purpose fill in cards and just fill in what they need and send them to anyone they want.

  19. dawn commented //

    I would love to see some more note card designs! And maybe something with whales, or squirrels…my new favorite obsessions 🙂

  20. Sarah commented //

    I love printables! I’d love to see some envelopes to go with the stationery sets, either things you can print onto a standard envelope that match the cute graphic on the writing paper, or fully custom envelopes that you cut out and glue together yourself. A template where you can enter your return address to print on the envelope would be great too!

    It would also be lovely to see some printable wedding invitations in that lovely lighthearted, cheerful style. How wonderful to have professional looking invites that you can print and put together yourself!

  21. Emily commented //

    I would love to see a nice new address/we’ve moved type card. It is hard to find one with nice style! Of course, I’m still looking and now no one knows where we live!
    Loved the wood grain card!

  22. Corinna Lyons-Revello commented //

    I’d love to see some sort of square or round scalloped “handmade by ______” where you I could fill in my own name.


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  24. Christie commented //

    calendars would be great