Recession Humor Cards by Rock Scissor Paper

Recession Humor Cards

There’s no denying that things have been rough, to say the least, with the economy in recent months. It’s sometimes difficult to keep your chin up and smile when the bad news just seems to keeps coming. In times like these we really need a good laugh, and Rock Scissor Paper has given that to us in the form of their new Retro Recession Collection.

Cards in the collection are just $2.75 each and feature retro illustrations, colors, and sentiments like “Will Work for Chocolate” that take a more humorous look at the current economic situation. Watch for smiles and listen for laughter when you give these cards to friends, family, and co-workers.

images from Rock Scissor Paper

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One thought on “Recession Humor Cards by Rock Scissor Paper

  1. Susie commented //

    HA! Those are so current but with an old style of art. Great! And, since I’m a chocoholic, i love that one!

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