The Paper Crave Holiday Collection at Felt & Wire

Felt & Wire Holiday Gift Wrap Cards Tags

I had a lot of fun putting together the “Paper Crave” Collection earlier this year for the Felt & Wire Shop, and I was so excited when they asked me if I’d like to do a holiday collection. It was tough, but I finally narrowed it down to twelve of my favorites, including gobs of gorgeous gift wrap (of course!), rockin’ gift tags and greeting cards, and a couple of sweet calendars, too. Head on over to Felt & Wire to check it out!

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3 comments on “The Paper Crave Holiday Collection at Felt & Wire

  1. Allyson commented //

    Kristen it’s a beautiful collection! We are always happy to have you come in and curate 🙂

  2. christina commented //

    Kristen, I’m hono(u)red to be included in your collection. Thanks for the mention. 🙂

  3. kristen commented //

    Thanks so much, Allyson!

    Christina – it was my pleasure. Your cards are very special.

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