A Holiday Gift Wrap Giveaway from Paper Mojo!

Paper Mojo Gift Wrap Giveaway

Looking for some awesome wrapping paper to wrap your holiday gifts? Paper Mojo has one of the best selections around, and they’re offering Paper Crave readers the chance to win some of their super cool papers. One lucky winner will receive either a big bundle of holiday papers chosen by the Paper Mojos (valued at around $50) or a $50 gift certificate so you can choose whatever papers you’d like from their shop. If you’ve read this blog for any amount of time, then you know how obsessed I am with gift wrap, and I really wish I could win this one!

Every year, I like to choose a color scheme and theme for my holiday gift wrapping, and you can enter to win this giveaway by telling me about your favorite holiday color scheme. Are you a traditional red and green gal or guy, or do you like to go wild with the color at holiday time? Ooh, I’m so looking forward to hearing your responses!

The giveaway will run through November 22, 2010 at midnight eastern time, and I’ll announce the winner on Wednesday, November 23. One entry per person.

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102 comments on “A Holiday Gift Wrap Giveaway from Paper Mojo!

  1. Melanie commented //

    Last year I wrapped all my gifts in a graphic zebra print paper with alternating red and green ribbon. It definitely added some life under the tree!

  2. Steph commented //

    I’m partial to the icy colour palette of blues, silvers with a touch of white.

  3. Kelly B commented //

    I love to do a color theme, too! Since we just moved to the country, I was thinking about doing kraft, red and white. Love all papers and ribbons!!

  4. Flash commented //

    It seems like everthing I’m crafting and wrapping right now are light blue, white, teal & beige…just like the birds in the top, left pic.

  5. Leika commented //

    I have a severe weakness for anything that’s NOT red and green! I usually tend toward blues and silvers, but the one given every year is that my packages will be the least “Christmas-y!!”

  6. Katie McElroy commented //

    I usually lean towards the blue range, and I’m planning on doing a lime green and teal blue color combo this year!

  7. Melissa commented //

    Last year I wrapped my gifts in white paper and tied them with golden twine, it was so pretty!

  8. Sarah commented //

    I too like to theme my gift wrap. Last year I did kraft paper with ribbon & paper bands in non traditional holiday colors of teal, lime green, and purple. This year I am going with a color scheme of christmas red, white, and teal. It matches the decor of my tree, which I also theme each year!

  9. Katie commented //

    Wrapping presents is one of my favourite aspects of Christmas. Last year, I was really enjoying the colour combination of blue and silver. This year, I think I’ve found a new love in teal, purple, and silver (and splashes of mustard yellow where I can).

    Great giveaway!

  10. Cristina commented //

    I like the traditional colors, but this year I’m all for pink, so we’ll see what I do with my gift wraps! πŸ™‚

  11. Amanda commented //

    I am thinking of stars this year and aiming for a mustard/ochre star colour and silver or a mid-tone grey.

    I love wrapping papers! Awesome giveaway!

  12. Caroline commented //

    You can never go wrong with a classic deep red and gold but this year I think I’m going with Red and a shade of cyan to change things up. Great Giveaway!!

  13. Adina commented //

    I love using untraditional bright colors like blue, orange and yellow together or mustard, fuscia and grey! =) One of my favorite color combinations is copper with a metallic baby blue.

  14. Gail commented //

    I am a big fan of the beige/burgundy /light brown color scheme in any season, and the holidays are a good excuse to put them all together! πŸ™‚

    I only recently found your blog–and I love it! πŸ™‚ I am excited to keep reading…

  15. Kim commented //

    I love the classic red and green combination but with polka dots or stripes to liven it up!

  16. Penny commented //

    I love simplicity but also a litte different. Since my wedding in May I have been in to natural earthy themes. Regardless I just LOVE wrapping presents. I used to wrap the Christmas presents for my whole family, including my own,growing up.

  17. Debbie S commented //

    How wonderful! Like this a lot…please count me in thank you.

    I like the cool blues, whites and silvers of outside snowy scenes.

  18. andrea commented //


  19. Jasley commented //

    I love red, white and silver

  20. sam commented //

    I try to avoid red and green unless it’s a really cute print/pattern. The past couple of years I’ve used silver and white wrapping paper.

  21. carina commented //

    I adore metallics for holiday wrap, as well as less traditional color infusions. Last year I concentrated on magenta with green and loved the results!

  22. Lacey commented //

    I love wrapping with colors that are in the green and red range, but not typical, more retro. Like a teal, aqua, and olive with pinky reds.

  23. paloma commented //

    I’m really into the silver, gold, and white trend right now! it’s understatedly festive and doesn’t scream one holiday or another

  24. Hannah commented //

    I lean towards brown craft paper with raffia or other natural elements for the bow. Sometimes I’ll add plaid fabric details or fabric flowers for a fun touch.

  25. Sarah Spano (Hip Ink) commented //

    I love mixing it up every year with something totally unexpected. I like to use a traditional metallic (gold, silver or even bronze) with something unexpected. Last year it was purple, deep teal and gold and this year I’m leaning towards an Indian inspired palette of deep pink, orange and gold. So much fun turning traditional holiday decorating on its ear πŸ˜‰

  26. kelly commented //

    red red red. plus a bit of everything else. gray, teal, light blue would be my second choices this year.

  27. Lisa commented //

    I love colors that pack a punch, so the violet + lime + blue combo catches my eye every time.

  28. Bonnie commented //

    I love reds with natural tans like burlap, kraft paper, and unbleached twine.

  29. Maya commented //

    I love anything that is bright, BRIGHT and BRIGHT. I am going to buy wrapping paper that are inspired from Indian craft traditions – from mudwork paintings on the wall which give an illusion of mirrors shining on it…to something that looks like a certain style of embroidery and so on.

  30. Julie @SavvyEats commented //

    I’ve never had a theme to my wrapping…especially as a poor college student! But I’m definitely putting more thought into my wrapping this year πŸ™‚

  31. Yadira @One Sweet Party commented //

    Definitely not the traditional colors! I actually love to pair colors that you usually won’t think to combine–maybe an earthy tone with a bright color.

  32. Gwennie commented //

    I love really simple colours for Christmas… red, white, and silver instead of green.

  33. stef commented //

    every year I go for a “theme” — this year it’s red and gold, and a smattering of Florentine design somewhere in there…

  34. Julie commented //

    I loooove using a traditional paper, more understated, with brighly colored perfect really high quality ribbon! Can’t wait for the wrapping to begin!

  35. April T. commented //

    I always match my giftwrap to my Christmas decor theme. This year I have two themes. First is a rustic Christmas theme (the back room) and that will be basically kraft paper with pretty ribbon and embellishments. But the front room is more glitzy, with bronze, gold, and silver…and these papers would be the perfect final touch, they’re so beautiful and glamorous.

  36. Maren commented //

    I like to mix it up – but I usually include a variety of pinks and bright lime greens with some nice, true red. And anything metallic.

  37. Sarah White commented //

    We celebrate Hanukkah and I love to wrap and decorate with blue, white and silver.

  38. Veronica commented //

    I’m a big fan of some sophisticated black and whites

  39. Aimee commented //

    I love hanging ornaments from ribbons that coordinates with my wrapping. Last year I did kraft paper with dark green ribbon and silver and gold pine cone ornaments.

  40. Jessica commented //

    I try to put a twist on tradition, while still hinting at it. I love to use fuschia and lime greens mixed with a bit of metallic silver. So fun!

  41. Jane commented //

    I like neutrals all together with some glitter or something to add glamour to it. But, I am on a big pool blue and fire engine red kick right now.

  42. Julia commented //

    I usually go with a classic deep red and black – it’s more sophisticated than red and green and really pops with some gold accents.

  43. Jennie commented //

    I’ve had a theme to my gift wrapping the last couple of years. One year I did colorful stripes with hand-tied ribbons, last year was silver and black. This year I’m into origami. I haven’t picked my paper yet, but I’m thinking of adding an origami something to the top of each box rather than a bow.

  44. Natalie commented //

    I just love decorating with silver and gold, with hints of red. It’s gorgeous and timeless!

  45. Jes commented //

    I’ve been a red and silver person for a couple of years now, and I’m ready to play with something different. I like the idea of black that was posted in the comments. But I am also a fan of bright colors.

  46. Amy commented //

    I like to mix it up each year, but I love metallics as accents. Red + silver, Green + gold, Light blue + silver, etc.

    Love the fun patterns from Paper Mojo – thanks for the chance to win! πŸ™‚

  47. Erika commented //

    I love metallics and jewel tones – especially purples and greens!

  48. Sheli commented //

    I usually choose a theme for each person that I buy gifts for every year. I go by what the person might be into that year. One year my mom was on a purple kick, so I wrapped all of her presents in purple. That’s super nerdy – lol.

  49. aubrey commented //

    i love kraft/paper bag colors and playing with color with a sash of decorative paper or ribbon. this year i really want to photocopy pictures of the recipients and put “TO: (photo)” rather than just writing their names =)

  50. Mela commented //

    I’m drawn to the non-traditional as well. I really like the birdy in your photo with the blue and green. I love the wintery combo of grey blue white and silver too.

  51. Tesa commented //

    I’m not even sure where to start when it comes to paper. I love the stuff! Last year I wrapped everything in a combination of forest green, rust, and deep blue.

  52. 13 commented //

    I prefer red with gold, silver, or bronze, and the same with green. A traditional colour with something more metallic. Not a fan of the red/green mix.

  53. AnneSATX commented //

    I love the traditional reds and greens — but flirt with non-traditional colors every year. Thanks!

  54. Beth commented //

    I love blue, white, and silver. I even decorated my tree in those colors last year. This year I’m going to try something different and go with brown, gold, and copper!

  55. kristina commented //

    moi, j’adore to wrap in hues of fuschia and reds, accented with metallics. thanks for asking!

  56. Fran commented //

    Anything bright, bold, happy and a little quirky. It keeps me in the holiday spirit.

  57. Emily commented //

    im rather traditional so i love bright reds and greens but mixed with naturals, like browns and whites.

  58. Words and Eggs commented //

    For me, there needs to be at least red or green, and then perhaps one other color, whether brown/kraft or sky blue…


  59. Camille commented //

    I love a box wrapped in rough kraft paper, with a black belly band and silver ribbon…

  60. SIMON commented //

    hey gold green and red is good for me also brown and red with kraftpaper and black and white cheers

  61. Katy commented //

    This year it’s ALL about the candy cane!

  62. Donna commented //

    I coordinate my wrapping & stick with solid colors & simple graphics, like plaids, stripes, dots or something else not too distracting. I use traditional true red & green, brown kraft paper & also royal blue, because it’s “Swedishy”. I use real cloth ribbon or twine & I particularly like ric-rac, rather than paper bows that would get squashed when presents are piled on top of each other.

  63. Alyssa commented //

    My scheme changes year to year – depends on what wrapping paper catches my eye. Absolutely LOVE wrapping paper, so it’s often difficult to choose. Adornments are a big part of it, too. I handmake mine each year to match my scheme.

  64. Julie commented //

    I love red and silver!

  65. carolyn commented //

    Give me some PURPLE! It’s been my favorite color forever and I’m soooo glad to see so much of it available these days! Love mixing with either pinks or metallics.

  66. Leanne commented //

    It really varies. One year I did a green/red/white with cute clothes pins that had sayings on them. The other year I did a gold/silver combo with purple accents. Just depends on what I pick up. Maybe something new from Paper Mojo.

  67. Vernell commented //

    I love non-traditional colors for the holidays. These are great. Thanks for the chance to win.

  68. Chelsea commented //

    Mine is different every year, I guess it really just depends on what kind of mood I’m in! One of my favorite year’s was hot pink and lime green, it was one of the more off the wall combos that I had done, but it was so bright and fun!! Just looking at it made me smile!

  69. Carisa commented //

    This year my family is having Christmas at my sister and brother in law’s new house. Their main room is a cranberry color so we’ve decided to decorate with shades of grey and light green. We thought doing a typical forest green would be overkill with the red room.

  70. Jill commented //

    I love cool, icy blues and silver, sometimes with a shimmering lime green thrown in as well.
    I do like having a color scheme each year and looking at these papers is getting me excited about the idea of lime green and fuchsia! Wrapping is my favorite part of the holidays!

  71. marne commented //

    We do a different scheme every year, too. kind of leaning toward a lightish blue and gold this year…

  72. Laura commented //

    I don’t have a color scheme, since I almost always use recycled paper and wrapping supplies. I think my tradition is recycling, which I definitely suggest to everyone. It’s a great opportunity to use creativity; look for surprising wrapping materials, like pictures and shapes cut out of magazines ir scrap paper, try out stencils and paint, even newspaper works as wrapping when decorated a bit.

  73. Renu commented //

    I usually love doing vibrant colors with a little bit of an indian twist – purples, magentas, turquoise….but this year i am planning to do kraft paper, red/white bakers twine, tags with gold and silver paint pens. may even do something of a pattern with gold/silver on the kraft paper. very simple!

  74. Lacretia commented //

    I love silvers and blues for my wrapping paper at christmas!

  75. Allegra commented //

    Gold, silver, glittery it’s gotta sparkle and shine! Maybe with some pretty blues, greens & yellows!

  76. Angela K commented //

    I tend to stay away from red and green, although I do like burgundy. My favorite colors to use are deep blues with white, silver, and gold highlights. I tend to raid the Hanukkah section for gift wrap & bows.

  77. Sydney Newsom commented //

    Oh, I am obsessed with wrapping paper and ribbons! I really love bright unexpected colors in the form of bold patterns for Christmas paper. I love bright pink, green and aqua!

  78. Yvonne commented //

    I try to mix things up from year to year. Classic silver and gold one year, to modern orange and white the next, to craft paper and twine the next.

  79. dana h. commented //

    I like a very modern look, last year I went with purple and moss green. I love wrapping presents, werid yes, but I own it.

  80. AJ commented //

    I love having a bed of brown and gold as staples and then any fun fad colors that come around, teal/turquoise and purple this year for sure with cream as an accent, can fall right on top. I am always a sucker for greens, so ever present are those as well!

  81. Rose commented //

    I love traditional red and green but this year am going peacock blue, white and red.

  82. Annie commented //

    My favorite from recent years was using simple brown butcher paper, then you can either keep it simple and tie it with twine or have some fun and write all over it and decorating it with fun ribbons and other accesories!

  83. Chris commented //

    I love snow inspired themes. Lots of light blues, whites, and prints.

  84. Amy commented //

    I like to mix it up from year to year. Sometimes it’s traditional, sometimes a little more exotic, but they always all coordinate.

  85. Lindsey commented //

    I adore anything bright and cheery, especially golden yellows with contrasting accents, like blue or red!

  86. tina durocher commented //

    I love anything to do with paper! I like to wrap presents in more traditional colour schemes, using reds and whites with pops of silver, gold or kraft paper and then wrapped in bakers twine. I also really love nicely designed paper.

  87. Kathleen commented //

    I like playing with some of the traditional colors. This year it will be a traditional christmas red with turquoise and white. So many fun ideas here!

  88. Laurie commented //

    I favor non-traditional color palettes. I also really like to mix patterns.

  89. Natalie commented //

    I used brown craft paper last year with BIG Red Ribbons. It looked really nice but I want something more fun this year. I like using bold colors and 1″ wide ribbon to make gigantic bows – I think a big bow makes the present sometimes…

  90. la petite maison commented //

    I like to change the Christmas color themes every year. Last year I went with chartreuse green, creams and browns with a bit of gold. This year I’m thinking plum, burnt orange, and pomegranate red.

  91. Julie commented //

    The last few years I’ve been stuck on chartreuse and red or ice blue and red. I like the marriage of a traditional holiday color with a non-traditional color.

  92. Helen commented //

    I love matte burnt orange paper with broad shiny-silver ribbon. It’s non-traditional, but gorgeous.

  93. Kerri commented //

    I recently passed a store window that featured a really bright palette of purples and lime greens. I loved it! Purple, lime and white is just so cheery for this year’s wrap.

  94. bj commented //

    I would be wrapped to get all those colourful wraps.
    I love colour but always use a metallic with it ie silver or gold to keep
    to some tradition.
    This year it is going to be Olive Green and Gold.

  95. Cherie commented //

    My favorite color is green, so I love different shades of green with white and silver πŸ™‚

  96. LisaT commented //

    I enter the holiday season with no color scheme, I allow impulse purchases to dictate my wrapping selection each year.

  97. Anna S commented //

    I like introducing new colors to holiday gifts. Typically, everything my family has is just blue and white and little bit of gold for Hanukkah. When I make holiday cards and presents for my friends, I want the colors to work for all the holidays so we don’t always need the traditional colors. I am loving the lime green tone, and the zig zags. so much fun! <3 paper!

  98. Sarah commented //

    I like to keep the gift wrap coordinated, with something a little unexpected as a topper. Last year the tags were small chalkboards, this year I think I’ll use clothespins to attach the gift tag to the present.

  99. Lauren commented //

    I haven’t decided on the color scheme this year, but my mom and I tend to change it up a bit each year. Last year we found a beautiful paper with copper accents, and found lovely ribbons to coordinate and beautiful tags as well.

  100. Morgan Burum commented //

    I LOVE icy colors. Silver, dark blue, baby blue, and teelish aqua. I also like to mix them with mustard yellow. It’s not really Classic Christmas, more wintery!
    I buy more ornaments with that color scheme every year!

  101. Carla commented //

    WOW! What a great goveaway! I LOVE wrapping paper that is bright, bold, happy and a little quirky.

  102. DBray commented //

    We LOVE decorating everything in blues, silver, and white.