The “Paper Crave” Collection at Felt & Wire

Paper Crave Collection Felt & Wire

A couple of months back, my friends over at Felt & Wire asked me to curate a collection of my favorite paper goodies from their shop. Can you say Kristen in a paper candy store? My collection, entitled “Red, White, and Blue”, just went live in the Felt & Wire shop! As you can tell by the collection’s name, it features items that incorporate red, white, and/or blue. I’m serious about possibly stalking you if you create a beautiful white on white piece. And navy, well if you’ve read this site for any amount of time then you know how I feel about navy.

image source: Felt & Wire Shop

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2 comments on “The “Paper Crave” Collection at Felt & Wire

  1. Laura commented //

    Thanks for curating Kristen. The site/image look fabulous! I didn’t know we had so many red, white, and turquoise blue items in the shop!! Very fresh and fun.

  2. kristen commented //

    It was my pleasure, Laura. Thank you for the opportunity!

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