Printable Mother’s Day Set from JHill Design

Printable Mother's Day Card

Unfortunately, I think that most of us said or did some regrettable things to our mothers when we were younger. I’d like to think that I wasn’t too bad, but I did have a bit of a rebellious phase in my teenage years, and I’m sure that I was not as nice as I could’ve been to my mom during those times. I’m feeling guilty just thinking about it. Sorry, mom!

Jennifer Hill became a mom to cute little Charley three months ago (congratulations, Jennifer!), and during the past three months she’s found out just how HARD it is to be a mom (middle of the night baby screams, anyone?). As a result of this realization, she was inspired to create this Mother’s Day card/apology so all of us can assuage at least a little of our “mom guilt”. The set, which includes both a printable card and an e-card for any procrastinators out there, is available for free to anyone who joins the JHill mailing list, or for just $2.00 if you purchase from the shop.

image from JHill Design

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