Williams Sonoma Canning + Food Gift Dies and L Letterpress Sets

Williams Sonoma + Lifestyle Crafts Food Gift Letterpress Sets

I love it when the worlds of food and paper collide, especially when the results are as awesome as these DIY letterpress and die cutting food gift + canning sets from Williams Sonoma’s Agrarian collection. The line, which features food-themed letterpress plate sets and box and packaging dies, is perfect for home canning enthusiasts and would also be wonderful for creating beautiful packaging for food gifts this holiday season.

Williams Sonoma also carries the Evolution craft tool (aka the Rolling Machine), which can be used with both the plates and dies, as well as the Lifestyle Crafts Letterpress Platform. Ooh, I’m so excited just thinking about all of the pretty goodies that can be created with this fun, foodie collection!

Tag and Label Dies | Williams Sonoma

Wood DIY Letterpress Plates | Williams Sonoma + Lifestyle Crafts

Treat Box and Label Dies | Williams Sonoma

Food Box and Label Dies | Williams Sonoma

Basket and Label Dies | Williams Sonoma

images from Williams Sonoma

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