L Letterpress Printing Plates by Elum

Remember the L Letterpress Machine? Yeah, I know that some of you may not want to (controversy!), but I’ve also heard from a number of you who have the machine and are interested in how to get the best possible results. If you’re wondering what exactly the L Letterpress is, you can check out my L Letterpress review and L Letterpress review update with my preliminary results and suggestions about how to get better results. I really appreciate those who have left comments about their results and have enjoyed the continuing commentary about the tool, and I’d love to hear more from those of you who are currently using the L!

Elum has just released a collection of 16 plates that you can use with the L Letterpress, a great development for those of you who have been looking for something beyond the plates currently offered by Lifestyle Crafts, the makers of the L. Each set in the new Elum line comes in a single, adhesive backed sheet, and you can cut out the elements and arrange as needed. And if you’re looking for custom photopolymer plates, both Elum and Boxcar Press offer this service. Both Paper Source and Scrapbook.com carry the original L Letterpress machine.

Here are some of the super cool plates from the Elum line. Lots of variety!

Elum L Letterpress Plates

Elum L Letterpress Frame Plates

Elum Letterpress Photopolymer Plates

Elum Quickutz Letterpress Plates

I wish I could add more commentary about my L Letterpress results, but I have to admit that my machine has been gathering dust over the past year, as I haven’t had a chance yet to order custom plates and put the tips from Boxcar into action. I am planning on ordering sometime early in the coming year, and I’ll keep you posted!

images from Elum

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