Giveaway : L Letterpress Plates from Boxcar Press

Giveaway : L Letterpress Plates from Boxcar Press at

The giveaway is now closed to new entries. Thanks to everyone who participated! The lucky winner is :


It’s giveaway time, and I was so excited to have an excuse to break out my L Letterpress again for this one! Boxcar Press is offering one lucky gal or guy their choice of two L Letterpress compatible plates*, which can be used to create scads of awesome, do-it-yourself letterpress goodies. For the next week, I’ll be featuring L Letterpress tutorials, tips, and project ideas that you can make with this cool little tool … and some very helpful recommendations from the letterpress pros at Boxcar Press.

The giveaway runs through Tuesday, September 10th at midnight eastern and to enter, simply comment on this post and let us know what you love about letterpress. Only one entry per person, please!

Here’s a peek at all of the fantastic plates in the Boxcar Press shop, including the birthday-themed plate that I’ll be using in my upcoming projects:

L Letterpress Plates | Boxcar Press

* The plates can be used on standard letterpress machines, but the Deep Relief Boxcar Base will be needed for compatibility. The L Letterpress kit + compatible embossing machine (Cuttlebug, Evolution etc.) are required to make use of the plates in the giveaway. Due to a recent surge in popularity, the kit is a challenge to find, but as of the time of this post, it was available from Studio Calico. If you don’t currently have the kit, you’ll also want to keep an eye out for it to come back in stock at the following: Paper Source, Amazon, Scrapbook, and Lifestyle Crafts.

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69 comments on “Giveaway : L Letterpress Plates from Boxcar Press

  1. Sabrena commented //

    What’s not to love about Letterpress? It’s the tactile nature of the impressions on the paper that I love the most.

  2. Danielle commented //

    I actually have a few presses myself and have been printmaking for a few years, but my favorite part is always the same—taking that first impression and seeing the final product. Nothing better than seeing how your project comes to life.

  3. Valerie commented //

    Great giveaway! What I love about letterpress is the handmade love that has to go into making each print. Thanks for bringing us a little letterpress love each day. I look forward to your posts.

  4. Matthew Marshall commented //

    The great thing about letterpress is it’s much more satisfying than simply pressing Command+P (or Control+P, depending on your machine.)

  5. debra r commented //

    Letterpress is one of those arts that is beautiful and timeless. No matter what occasion, it gives it that unique touch as opposed to a simple printed piece.

  6. Jeremy Chapline commented //

    My favorite thing about letterpress is the process. The tranquility that comes from setting type (or designing your photo polymer plate), the rhythmic motion of a platen press, the smell of fresh ink and of course the beautiful impression a letterpress printed piece makes on anyone who comes in contact with it.

  7. Jenna commented //

    I love printing cards and coasters on my Sigwalt #10 in my home in Iceland. Most of the cards have an Iceland theme as my surroundings endlessly inspire me.

  8. lew commented //

    I love the variation. As a hobby printer, I like how each piece has something unique about it. That statement probably makes pro-printer shudder a little.

  9. Lindsay V. commented //

    I love letterpress! Adds a touch of elegance. Boxcar helped me out when I was making my own stationary for my wedding (a HUGE task). Woot!

  10. Jessie commented //

    I love the impression. Both literally and emotionally. Letterpress always makes a bold statement.


  11. Fozzy commented //

    There’s something about letterpress that brings out so much magic from a piece of paper. It demands that you look at it and touch it the same way you’d caress someone you love. With softness and appreciation and joy.

    It makes my heart skip a beat when clients say they’ll be pressing my designs. And when they send me copies, I actually smell it too. Never fails to make me happy!

  12. Alethia Hinojosa commented //

    VERSATILITY. That’s what I love about letterpress. The design and the materials can change in so many ways and can be used for every occasion that you never get bored and that’s something that any designer appreciate.

  13. Maria commented //

    There’s just something about the effort and time that goes into letterpress that makes it all the more special. After purchasing the L Letterpress, I’ve begun using the sample plates it came with. These plates would only further the fun and excitement the L Letterpress brings!

  14. Samnang commented //

    I love the texture of the soft cotton paper and seeing the variations in ink and impressions.

  15. Caroline commented //

    I just love how professional you can make things look while still having the possibility to customize exactly as you want. I just got engaged and would love to use this to make my wedding invitations!

  16. Kathleen commented //

    Everything! The finished product is beautiful and the process is an art and a labor of love.

  17. Debb commented //

    I love letterpress because of the feel. You know it’s an important piece of paper when you can feel the weight and the importance of the message not only printed but imprinted right into the heavier paper.

  18. Em commented //

    I particularly love being able to juxtapose words with imagery to make a visual statement. It’s one thing to have only words, but being able to layer colors and patterns gives the viewer more of an insight into the printed work. The crisp lines, clean, smooth paper, and the occasional pop of color makes letterpress so enjoyable.

  19. Deanna commented //

    I love the texture of letterpress and I love to create with my preschooler. He loves to help me roll the ink and turn the crank! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  20. Laura commented //

    What I love about letterpress…EVERYTHING!
    I love how elegant it looks, and how anything letterpress pretty much takes my breath away.
    I have the L Letterpress, and it may just be my favorite crafty tool.

  21. Denise + Moose commented //

    Boxcar = my Letterpress LOVE company!!!

  22. Anne commented //

    Wonderful giveaway! My favorite thing about letterpress are the possibilities for design expression. You can create a blind emboss, a texture, simple inked lines, layered impressions, all kinds of things! I love rethinking the possibilities of letterpress to do what flat printing simply cannot do.

  23. Nancy F commented //

    I love everything about letterpress but my favorite is the unfolding of the design process — and always getting a unique design because I used my own creative mix.

  24. Ruth commented //

    I love the tactile sensation, feeling that debossed thick paper makes me happy

  25. Victoria S. commented //

    I love how simple it is to use, yet the results look like a million bucks!

  26. Barbara P. commented //

    I just got my L Letteroress platform and i love it! I love how different each image can look depending on if its just a press or a press with ink, so many possibilities.

  27. Jackie commented //

    The possibilities are amazing

  28. Karen commented //

    The reason I love letterpress is simply for the texture. Everything about paper interests me but the feel of it – the weight of the paper and the texture of the grain – is most interesting. I’ve always loved letterpress for the way it elevates any design to something magical. Looking forward to seeing your projects this week.

  29. Heidi commented //

    I’m getting all kinds of ideas!

  30. Stephanie commented //

    I love how letterpress is a beautiful reminder of the origins of print and the craftsmanship it requires.

  31. Erika commented //

    What I like about the typography is the originality of the product final.Offers a continuous sources of inspiration and innovation and in no time she only views.(I used a translator excuse the faults ).

  32. Nicole commented //

    I love the classic, elegant look of letterpress & I’m even more excited that I could potentially replicate the process at home!

  33. Leika commented //

    I love the process of letterpress!! And, of course, the gorgeous look and feel of the end result!!

  34. Melissa Mika commented //

    I love knowing that when I hold a letterpress card in my hand, I am holding a labor of love.

  35. kim commented //

    I am having so much with my L Letterpress. Thanks for the awesome tutorials. So very helpful!! I’ve loved Letterpress for glad that we’re able to do it at home! Love the look and feel of the cards.

  36. Anzelina commented //

    Printing with letterpress connects me with the history of printmaking. I envision myself setting type by hand, my face smeared with ink and sweat. We become so disconnected to the process of printing, and letterpress is a great way to reconnect.

  37. Danielle commented //

    I love everything about letterpress. The look, feel & how customizable it is. Thx so much!

  38. Maple commented //

    I love letterpress because of the handmade, luxurious feel of it.

  39. Karol commented //

    I love Boxcar and would love to add these to my collection of letterpress plates!

  40. Julie Kuberski commented //

    I think what I love most about letterpress is that no matter how simple the design, letterpress always gives so much depth to something. Simple line work becomes so much more because of the lovely impression letterpress creates. It’s so pretty and gives a lot for the senses to admire.

  41. Judith Kernoff commented //

    It’s the “hand-made” aspect that is so appealing. No one
    ever mistakes my work for machine printing!

  42. Brea commented //

    Letterpress is just a classic way to print, and makes everything look a bit more classy as well! Would love to experiment with the process!

  43. Celeste Hansel commented //

    I love physical interaction and rhythms with creating words on paper using old platen presses, but am reluctant to take the leap to acquire and move one of the beasts. Words seem to take on more meaning when kissed onto paper.

  44. Amy N. commented //

    I love how letterpressed items are handmade, but still look so professional. I just think they look amazing.

  45. Becky O' commented //

    The ‘touch’, the ‘feel’, of cotton (paper)… the fabric of our prints!!! (read like the jingle).

    Letterpress entices multiple senses… touch and sight. What is there not to love about it?

  46. Emma S. commented //

    Love the tactile nature of letterpress.

  47. Mary A. commented //

    I love letterpress and Boxcar! I have a boxcar base and have ordered plates from them several times in the past. I love the look and feel of letterpress printing, and the process itself, of course! There’s nothing like inking your own plates and pulling your own prints – so rewarding. So many different inks and papers to try; letterpress printing is bliss! 🙂

  48. Mary commented //

    I need plenty of inspiration and handholding, please! My L Letterpress has been waiting to be used…I am too chicken!

  49. Natalie commented //

    Love the texture! and the vintage element of the process makes it so much more special

  50. Nicole commented //

    I am a graphic design student and at my University we ordered many plates from Boxcar to debut our letterpress and prototyping lab at the University. We created several pieces and all were on display for the public to view. The public even had the opportunity to run a Vandercook Press. 🙂 My experience with letterpress is fantastic and I am eager to continue and create.

  51. Melissa Hartford commented //

    When I hold a letter press piece in my hand I can feel the story or dance that brought it to life, all the tender loving care it took for it to be created. What inspired the design? I always picture the plates, hear the rhythmic music of the press, the ink being applied then the dance of printing begins. It’s a beautiful thing that just makes me happy and brings so much light into the world. I want to share it with everyone 🙂 Thank you for sharing your happy place with us all. Your post and energy inspire me each morning as I turn on my laptop read your latest post and drink my coffee before diving into my first project of the day.

  52. Wendy T. commented //

    I love the feel of letterpressed designs. Plus, it looks so elegant and classic. Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  53. L Gibbons commented //

    I love how letterpress continues to be rediscovered by new generations of artists. It is an open, flexible medium that brings together old and new technologies and invites a range of diverse approaches.

  54. Lindsay commented //

    I love the elegance and simplicity of a beautiful letterpress! Designing my own letterpress invites! Can’t wait!

  55. Paul Glowiak commented //

    I grew up learning to run a letterpress, first a Gordon then an Heidelberg “T”. I could still all these years later set one up, do makeready and pull impressions, since I have not forgotten these skills. I’ve done both diecutting and letterpress printing, and it’s an art of it’s own.

  56. Brantley Bowden commented //

    Why I love letter press? Where do I start? The overall nostalgia of a piece that’s been designed, prepped and pressed is like nothing else. The medium, the texture, the color, the weight, the feel of something special and out of the norm is powerful in these days of busy, cluttered, rash schedules. The attention to detail, the emotion behind the love of creating something that will be cherished even if just for a short while. A painstaking labor of love.

  57. Mary commented //

    There is nothing better than the click and hum of a Golding Pearl, not to mention the look and feel of a letterpress printed piece. You can tell how special it is from the moment you touch it.

  58. Tracy commented //

    Wow -letterpress….. so much amazingness about it. I have worked in several commercial printing shops and have LOVED paper forever. But when I discovered the L Letterpress, i found my “thing”. Since discovering the L Letterpress, we’ve gotten a tabletop 5×8 Kelsey press and now, a Chandler & Price platen press. I’m still so in love with the sound of the tack of the ink, the clink of the ink plate rotating and seeing that first print come off the press. If it weren’t for the L Letterpress, it might have taken forever to find it. And I *love* my boxcar base and my boxcar plates. They are certainly awesome!

  59. AmandaPolson commented //

    Letterpress is just so satisfying – handmade, with that great tactile dimension, yet in multiples (which is always so exciting!). I always examine each print, looking for typos, before reminding myself that they are actually the same. But each piece has it’s own uniqueness as well, which is something you just can’t get from a regular flat printer print. I also love my Chandler and Price tabletop press. Sturdy and heavy and so very real, with a a great history and a promising future!

  60. Gordon Moat commented //

    I use to do illustration and commercial printing before I became a photographer. I did some letterpress as part of my art degree. Recently I have been looking into getting back into letterpress, to add another level to what I can offer as a creative professional.

  61. Jessica commented //

    I’m new to letterpress but I love it! I can’t wait to learn more and to experiment!

  62. Jenny commented //

    Everything about letterpress just lovely. I actually have ordered some custom plates from Boxcar and and would are in love with the results. I use my plates with my L Letterpress and Cuttlebug and it produces a nice deep impression. I really hope I’m the lucky winner of these amazing plates! *Fingers crossed* Thank you Papercrave!

  63. Jennifer commented //

    Letterpress truly is an art form, from the way you spread the ink to the amount of pressure that’s placed on the plate. I love that no two pieces are identical – that they each posses a unique quality.

  64. Katie commented //

    Every time I pop in a stationery store – I’m possessed to purchase yet another letterpress card, thank you set, calendar, whatever… even if I have no upcoming events. They look and feel incredible with lush textures. And, I love the subtleties that occur due to the printing process. I really want to learn soon–Thanks for the great tips!

  65. Stephanie K commented //

    Everything about letterpress makes me giddy and gets the creative juices flowing with new ideas that I want to try. From the paper choices to the ink and ability to “feel” the design of each piece. The fact that each one if different lends a unique of wonderful surprise factor.

  66. Brannon commented //

    I got into letterpress around 2 years ago. I work as an exhibit designer at a museum and spend a ridiculous amount of time behind the screen of a computer. Letterpress was a welcome relief to the world of adobe creative suite. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE adobe, my tablet, my collection of fonts, and being creative on my desktop, but being around the smells and sounds of a letterpress studio, leaving late at night with dirty jeans and a box full of clean invites on 220lb cotton stock, the rhythm of a well oiled press, it gives such a great, hands in the earth type of satisfaction as a designer.

  67. Kellie commented //

    Though letterpress has its technical limitations (number of colors, line width, the amount of hours you are willing to kern to perfection), it is so forgiving in creativity. Letterpress is quirky and generous and occasionally sarcastic. It is a constant celebration of achievements – tight registration or a deep impression without breaking through the paper or the look of white ink on kraft paper. And most importantly I can do all of it in the middle of the night in pajamas with a large cup of coffee.

  68. Alicia commented //

    Letterpress printing is unique in a way of expressing beauty buy mixing dimension and color, that is why I love it!

  69. Meredith commented //

    Letterpress, i am obsessed with it. It can take a simple type invitation and makes it elegant. Something someone would not even give a second glance to becomes something they will remember. An printing art form that was all but dead brought back to life.