Giveaway : Louella Press Mama of the Year Award

Louella Press Letterpress Mama of the Year Award

UPDATE: The giveaway has ended, and the winner will be announced on Monday, May 3. Thanks so much, everyone!

Okay, so do you remember Louella Press’ super cool letterpressed “Mama of the Year” award that I posted about the other day? Well, the gang over at Louella Press has generously offered to give away of one of these beauties! One lucky Paper Crave reader will win the award, and you can enter to win by telling us, in the comments section of this post, why your mom deserves the award. Entries will be taken until Saturday at noon eastern time, and I’ll randomly draw the winner over the weekend. Winner announced on Monday!

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28 comments on “Giveaway : Louella Press Mama of the Year Award

  1. Spencer commented //

    Got left twice, raised me on her own while going to college, currently getting her PHD while working 3 jobs.

  2. Elaine commented //

    As I’ve been preparing for my wedding and my sister is preparing to have her first baby, my mom has been such an amazing resource for both of us. It’s a big year and I’d love to win this award to give my mom!

  3. Kelsey commented //

    Oh how wonderful!

    My mom most definitely deserves this award. My parents have been divorced for almost 15 years, and when my father was in a motorcycle accident, she took a year off from work to help him out and to spend extra time with my sister and me while he was in the hospital and at home recovering. My mom is so incredibly caring and definitely the best Mama of all time!

  4. Anna Brown commented //

    My Mama is 84 yrs. old. She has been throu a lot in the 64 years since she had her first child (me). Her youngest son died when he was 7, her oldest died just 2 yrs. ago, Looseing both sons. She has remaind very strong. Her middle daughter, 1 of 3, lost both eyes to cancer when she was a toddler, my Mom was strong for us other children. She has always been there for us, proving that you can bear a lot when you decide to!

  5. Steve Anderson commented //

    My vote for Mama of the Year is my wife Veronica. While going to college to earn her Masters in Educational Administration she has been working 2 jobs to help support the family during my unfortunate unemployment. She is also undergoing diagnosis for a possible sleep disorder and she finds herself in constant pain nearly all the time over most of her body (Doc said its because she is a woman with hips) and yet she keeps going on and still finds time to be with her 2 kids, Johnny (4) and Maria (3).

  6. Nicole commented //

    I am a co-owner of a shoe company during one of the most ridiculous economic times. Things are tough and when we downsized and got rid of our PR firm, my mom stepped in to help organize our hundreds of samples, she helps ship them out and she helps take some pressure off me and the other stuff my partner & I have to worry about. She’s a do-all type of lady, so she deserves to win. On top of all that, on a personal level, she listens to my crazy stories about work and lets me complain all the time to get it off my chest!

  7. Rich commented //

    My mom has been through all the crappy things most moms can claim to have weathered (as evidenced by the comments above), but most importantly I think my mom deserves a nice card because I know no matter what my mom will always be there and love me unconditionally. That’s a pretty awesome mom.

  8. Emily commented //

    My mom found out she couldn’t have children at the age of 18. She wanted a family so bad that she and my father adopted 2 boys and 3 girls. The 2 boys are from Missouri and the 3 girls are from South Korea. One of the girls died on the way to the U.S. so my Mom never got to meet her. My mom deserves this award because she always gives and she never puts herself first.

  9. simona commented //

    my mother is a great resource for my life and my son’s life! So, i think she deserves this award 😉

  10. JenX commented //

    My mom isn’t my birth mom. She adopted me when I was 35, after my birth mother died.

    My parents were married to each other, but my birth mother was an alcoholic, and, well…you never get over wanting your Mama. About 12 years ago, they divorced, and my father remarried. She’s a wonderful woman, and they are incredibly happy, and we get along well. I now have two sisters, who were both adopted at birth. After my birth mother died, my mom said that they could be my ‘real’ sisters, and she could be my ‘real’ mom…

    So three years ago, we went to court, and I was formally adopted. It still makes me all sniffly to talk about it, because, well, she’s my *Mama*.

  11. debra commented //

    it’s complicated……… but in a nutshell my father died suddenly when we were children. all went down hill, even mom and life remained bumpy thru-out childhood.
    now she is alive with the aid of oxygen and consumed with regrets. as adults we know she dealt with everything the best she could we and love her for that. when she does go we want her heart to be full and content and tell her that she really was a good mom. my hope for her is to find love, peace and acceptance. this award would be huge.
    every mothers day that she is still with us is a huge blessing.
    thank you for considering us

  12. Monkey Mind Design commented //

    WOW… impressed by the amazing mom stories! Guess we all have them, amazing mom’s that is. Mine has been there for me every step of the way with unconditional love and support. And not only me but others. Like most it has not been an easy road for her, but she managed to never let it show and she always did whatever it took to make sure we always had what we needed. I got my creative mind from her and my grandmother (another tremendous mom). My mom exposed me to a handmade world and I am forever grateful… her passion inspired me to follow my dream!

  13. Moose commented //

    My mom pets me 24/7 …. tail wags to all.

  14. Chelsea Merrifield commented //

    I would love to win this award for my mom. At the end of the day, she’s the one person who knows me better than anyone in the world. She’s my best friend. She definitely deserves an award for all the amazing, loving, selfless and kind things she does on a daily basis, for me and my sisters.

  15. Heather H commented //

    My mom has always been amazing and she deserves this award like so many other moms for being an extraordinary grandmother to my two sons. She takes care of them everyday while I work, I could never ask for better care. Thank you for the chance!

  16. Cherish Rachel Gibson/Stephens commented //

    My Mom passed away in 1997, when I was 8 years old. My step-dad came home one night drunk, started an argument with my Mother. The argument turned into my step-dad beating on my Mom. She went to the kitchen to get away and he grabbed a gun and shot her in the leg. He then followed her into the other room, killing her and his self. I am a very firm believer that my Mom saved my life that night by going into another room. That’s why I think my Mom should get this award. Because she was a single Mom pretty much my whole life, worked two jobs to make sure I had everything I wanted, and saved my life. I miss my Mom everyday, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

  17. Erica commented //

    My mom has kept our family together through all our messes and disasters. She’s supported me and helped me through the past 2 years when I was forced out of my job and into a crazy new world. As broke as I am, this would sure be a great gift for Mother’s Day.

  18. Rose commented //

    My mother is one of the most amazing women I know. She is always supportive and never judgmental. I can truly tell her anything and am never afraid that she will turn away from me. When she says she just wants us (myself and my siblings) to be happy, we know she really means it and that it doesn’t come with strings attached. I love her and everything she has done for us. She is an amazing person.

  19. Steve commented //

    My mom was a mom. What greater compliment can you pay a woman? I owe her everything.

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  21. Whatever DeeDee Wants commented //

    My mom deserves the mother of the year award because she rocks! She has 11 children and is now the grandmother to over 30 grand kids. She is very kind and loving and opens her home up to others. Every Sunday she has the family over for dinner. Family is the most important thing to her!

  22. Brenda commented //

    My mom is pretty fantastic, but most kids think that. She raised 3 successful children to be independent, to follow their dreams and to only do what makes them happy. She would “go to the battle field” and support our decisions. She never asked for much, staying at home to raise us, putting her own dreams on the back burner to tend to the needs of her children and husband, and always atleast two or three pets. Her selflessness is her greatest strength and greatest weakness. As her children have moved out she is still tending to the needs of community members who need to be taken to appointments and run errands. She’s a rockstar and mom to those even outside her family.

  23. tanya commented //

    my mom deserves this award because has always been a super mom. my parents had me and my brother when they were teens, just babies themselves. we grew up rather poor but somehow she always made sure there was money for school trips and birthdays and always made sure i felt loved. that’s all i could ever ask of her.

  24. Robyn commented //

    My mama is the best mama ever! She is so caring and generous and has taught me everything I know… from showing people repect, to sewing and gardening. If I turn out half as beautiful and amazing as her, I’ll be pretty darn happy. 🙂

  25. Dana commented //

    My mom deserves this award because she does it all. She can juggle like no woman I’ve ever seen. She finds the time to spend with each of her kids, she takes care of her sick mother-in-law, she’s renovating the money pit, she works full time, she works part time to help her husband run his restaurant and she finds time for her grandchild. She raised us all with love, respect, support and that extra push to make us better than we ever thought we could be.

  26. Jennifer commented //

    My mom deserves this award because she has persevered regardless of her circumstances throughout the years. First, she grew up in an abusive environment. Then, she raised my brother and I as a single parent, which is even tougher for someone with neurological issues. We never had any money or even a car, but my brother and I still turned out OK. The last few years have been particularly tough for her, because the neurological condition that she was born with (and had never been diagnosed) worsened. She has been in a lot of pain but finally she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s (although that’s likely only part of the problem). Now that she’s being treated for it she feels much better. I know she sometimes feels mentally weak and like giving up, but I am trying to help her understand that really she is strong for always overcoming the obstacles that have been in her way.

  27. Alyssa commented //

    my mom has been my rock – she’s been with me through good times and bad times – always supportive of my decisions – believing in me – raising me to become the person I am today. Without my mother, I wouldn’t be this outgoing, selfless, giving, genuine, confident, beautiful woman I am.

  28. Alyssa P commented //

    My mom has been such a positive force in my life. She supported me in everything that I did and passed along strong values and moral character. She was a genuinely caring person with spunk and determination. She always made sure I believed I could do anything I strived to do, and I owe my independent nature to her.