Quick Picks Thursday : 9.29.11

Paper Etching by Paperlux

Paper Etching (incredible) | Paperlux – via Graphic Exchange

This Week’s Picks

♥ Super cute Thunder-and-Lighting-and-Thor party favors by Erin at The Indigo Bunting.

♥ This wallpaper + washi tape stationery craft by Shasta Garcia is totally cool.

♥ Beautiful watercolor art by Amber Alexander. – via Vale Design

Paper skillet! (by Christine Wisnieski)

♥ Ooh, there’s a Fingerprint 2. – via Mint

Packaging, packaging, and more packaging!

♥ I would love to visit Box & Needle (Kohoro, too) someday.

♥ Check out this starburst paper flower tutorial by Patricia Zapata.

image from Graphic Exchange/Paperlux

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