Quick Picks Thursday : 9.1.11

DIY Popsicle Memory Game

DIY Paper Popsicle Memory Game | Eat Drink Chic

It’s a new month, and Quick Picks Thursday is a (sort of) new feature on the site. I’ve had a Quick Picks category for a little while, but I haven’t updated it as often as I’d like, so I decided to create an “on blog” feature every Thursday to help keep me in line. *wink* I’ll be sharing a roundup of the paper and paper-related goodness – beyond what I’ve shared in regular weekly features – that has caught my eye during the week. This is going to be fun!

♥ Memory was one of my favorite kid games, and this DIY version from Amy at Eat Drink Chic is adorable.

♥ The Stella Suite from Aerialist Press is confetti-licious.

The White Omar by The Makerie is absolutely stunning. – via Upon a Fold

♥ Sweet pink + gray letterpress biz cards by Dingbat Press.

♥ A pretty cool French Paper promo by CSA Design.

♥ Brand new patterned digital wallpaper downloads from JHill Design. Great colors!

♥ Really cute (and free) coloring pages by the talented peeps at We Love to Illustrate.

♥ Looking for a pen pal? Crane’s got you covered.

Nice hat. – via Ministry of Type

♥ Girlie dinosaur party printables by I Still Love You.

images from Eat Drink Chic

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One thought on “Quick Picks Thursday : 9.1.11

  1. Molly Smith commented //

    I’m slightly older, we called it Concentration and I loved playing it. This is a great feature and easy to remember Quick Picks Thursday. Thanks for the links.

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