Quick Picks Thursday : 9.15.11

Paint Chip Chandelier

DIY Paint Chip Chandelier | Hey Gorgeous (photo credit: Jenna McKenzie)

This Week’s Picks

♥ A gorgeous paint chip decorating project by Hey Gorgeous.

♥ Awesome vintage children stamps.

♥ Sweet letterpress giraffe baby announcements by Wiley Valentine.

♥ Give the gift of a handwritten letter for a great cause at Girls Love Mail. – via Felt & Wire

Architectural drawings as art by Ben Kafton.

♥ An amazing 5th anniversary gift.

♥ Love this poster by The Bubble Process. –via French Paper

♥ Fan-freakin’-tastic Mad Men posters by Radio. – via grain edit

Peace. – via ILT

♥ Gorgeous green and black wedding invitations by designer, Brian Hurst (the groom).

image from Hey Gorgeous

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One thought on “Quick Picks Thursday : 9.15.11

  1. Glenna Chernoff commented //

    What a simple, fabulous idea (Paint Chip Chandolier)!!! I have been in process of redecorating my house, & I am looking for tasteful & inexpensive ideas. Have some of my own already in use around my home.

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