Quick Picks Thursday : 9.8.11

Awesome Packaging

Chef’s Dinner Packaging | Sideshow Press

This Week’s Picks

♥ The (un)Official Candy of Printmaking.

♥ Unique road map graduation invites by Kirby Sandifer.

Swoon-worthy packaging for a chef’s dinner.

♥ An adorable back-to-school lunch label craft.

♥ A rainbow-colored ice cream sundae pinata. What a cool idea!

♥ Lovely, new custom printed muslin bags from Benign Objects.

♥ Remember Garbage Pail Kids? Alex Westgate’s awesome interpretation of Warmin’ Norman. – via French Paper

Pictures on pencils.

♥ Turn a vintage book into a snazzy travel tech organizer.

Back-to-school printables by Hank + Hunt on The Sweetest Occasion.

image from Sideshow Press

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