Benign Objects Business Cards

Humina, humina! Check out these droolworthy business cards by and for Rachel Wiles of Benign Objects. I love it when I see business cards that feature a series of colors and/or imagery — like baseball cards or other collectible cards, I always have the urge to get one of each to complete the collection. These little beauties feature some of Rachel’s beautiful design and illustration work, and I’m loving the stained wood look.

Benign Objects Business Cards

Benign Objects Business Cards

Benign Objects Business Cards

images from Benign Objects

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2 comments on “Benign Objects Business Cards

  1. Sarah commented //

    These are absolutely amazing! I especially love the one on the bottom right.

  2. Rachel Wiles commented //

    I have to admit, the one on the bottom right is probably my favorite, too. Wish I’d done more of those! Maybe next time. 🙂

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