Paint Chip Wall Art by Allison Patrick

3.10.2011 3 Comments

Paint Chip Wall Art

What do you get when you cross the humble yet versatile paint chip with a wonderfully imaginative maker like Allison Patrick? A fantastic collection of lovely and colorful patterned wall art, that’s what you get! I recently spotted Allison’s work over at All Things Paper, and I love what she’s done with the abundance of paint chips that she’s collected as a result of selecting paint colors for her own apartment, her parents’ house, and various interior design clients.

Allison Patrick Wall Art

Colorful Wall Art Paint Chip

Paint Chip Wall Art

images from Allison Patrick / Zipper 8 Design

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3 Responses to “Paint Chip Wall Art by Allison Patrick”

  1. I love that idea. I’ll have to keep that in mind for finishing touches in my house; I definitely have enough paint chips for it.

  2. That is such a clever and creative way of using paint chips!

  3. Very cool! I always try and come up with different ways of using all the beautiful paint chip colors. They’re so hard to pass up in the hardware store.

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