Sherwin Williams’ Color Chips Campaign

McKinney Matthew Sporzynski Paint Chips

I don’t typically get excited about the ads on the back covers of magazines, but the Sherwin Williams ad shown above, featuring an ice cream sundae made completely of paint chips, almost made my head explode with its awesomeness when I spotted it recently on the back of one of my magazines. I immediately wanted to know who created this awesome piece of paint chip art, and after a bit of Googling I found out.

Sherwin Williams’ brilliant new Color Chips campaign was created by McKinney and features the work of “paper constructionist” Matthew Sporzynski, whose amazing talent can be seen in the many paper creations he’s made for Real Simple magazine — check out a gallery of his work for Real Simple and be amazed.

Additional print ads from the Sherwin Williams campaign:

McKinney Matthew Sporzynski Paint Chips
McKinney Matthew Sporzynski Paint Chips

I’m also drooling over the two Color Chips television spots, created for the campaign by Buck. Amazing color and animation work.

Stills from the videos:

McKinney Buck Color Chips
McKinney Buck Color Chips
McKinney Buck Color Chips

Watch the videos:

print ad images from McKinney / video stills from Buck

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7 comments on “Sherwin Williams’ Color Chips Campaign

  1. melissa commented //

    i saw the tv ad and loved it!

  2. Emma-Jane commented //

    Wow, this is utterly BEAUTIFUL!!!! Inspiring!
    Thank you Papercrave for featuring it.

  3. Monkey Mind Design commented //

    So creative! Saw these in a Graphic Design magazine. Kudos to the creatives behind this great work!

  4. Lav commented //

    I agree it’s a unique idea but I do not see the beauty behind it. it looks like a very product centric view to advertising, in my opinion. I am not sure how it connects emotionally with the viewers.

  5. designjr commented //

    love these!

  6. Jann English commented //

    I love that ad!! I didn’t know it was chips that is what brought me to this site and I am excited!! I know, I know. More time than brains!

  7. Brenda Harris commented //

    these ads are amazing, to the doubting Thomas’s out there if you know anything about paper art you’ll know this is not a simple thing to accomplish Kudos to the artists

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