Quick Picks : 4.30.15

The Inspiration Pad by Marc Thomasset

The Inspiration Pad, a dynamic take on the classic notepad by Marc Thomasset

This Week’s Picks

♥ Check out this list of 15 fantastic books on hand lettering. I have about half of these and want the other half!

♥ Chic and funky paper ensembles were on display at ADCD’s 11th Annual Paper Fashion Show.

♥ A fun Mother’s Day giveaway from 1canoe2 and Produce Candles starts today!

♥ Four midwest letterpress printmakers with humor in their hearts are collaborating at NSS this year to create a neighborhood of funny on the show floor. #rollindirty2015 Such a great idea!

image from Marc Thomasset

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One thought on “Quick Picks : 4.30.15

  1. Mary C Bruno commented //

    Thanks so much for the lovely shout out on your AMAZING blog! Hope to see you in the big apple!!!

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